Thursday, July 19, 2007

To mum with love...

An angel thou art
Beauty personified
Those gentle fingers
Those soulful eyes

A smile so gorgeous
A touch so soft
A prayer on thy lips
And answers aloft

Thy kiss so loving
Thy love so pure
Our pain in thine eyes
Thou so bravely endure

And a hug so warm
And a faith so deep
And a whisper to god
No fears to weep

And a life so unconditional
And a caress to assure
Of thy love and thy being
Of those unpaid gifts galore

A balm for each heart
A kiss for each tear
Our gift from heaven
To shield each fear

Then why do we hurt thou
And make thy cry
So ruthless, so cruel
But still not a sigh

And yet thy loves
And yet thy cares
And hopes and wishes
And add us to thy prayers

Oh, why art thou so gentle
Oh why so kind
Thou could go so much further
And leave us all behind

Holding my hands so gently
Thou then doth sighs
With that twinkle so lovely
In thine lovely eyes

Thoust uttered not a word
And yet said so much
Those gentle eyes told it all
Along with that gentle touch

And so thy stand
My mentor, my guide
To lead us all to eternity
My mater, our pride.


Razzmatazz said...

Happy Birthday

Razzmatazz said...

So this is Thee day.. of the thy lady's mom.. I know it sounds jumbled but this is the way I am jumbled.. Anyways.. The reason is perfect and the lady makes it the zenith of perfection.. Happy Birthday aunty.. I haope I wish u on this day for umpteen no. of years.. Actully a billion.. Pata nahi I will be alive till that time or not But I wish U be present for more than those no. of years..
Aashi has actually Two more reasons to feel gr8 one is the obvious Harry Potter book and hey guys she is getting a New PC..
Kash meri mama bhi harek saal apne Bday pe hume gift deti..
So at the ending note .. Have a jamboree..
FUN and FROLIC infinito
God Bless take care

Razzmatazz said...

Hey Aashi and one more thing I have for u
The title which is not verbose but i think its apt.. But rest u have to think is it really the best suited thing
To Charisma- From me

rohini said...

Hiiiiiiii aunty!!!! A verrrry verrry happy budday 2 u. hope you hav a gr8 day and an even betr year really proud of you aunty dat u have handled 2 torturous ppl ..aashi n adi...radr well...dey both had d charcteristics of becoming huge rebels bt thanks 2 u n uncle... uv made dem focus on d bright n more constructive side of life..spcly adi... hats off to u aunty!!!U ROCK!!!"D Joshi's" have always felt like family 2 me n mum.... uv given me so much of luv n wenever u ppl had ne of ur family get2gdrs n id b lingerin around... i never evn 1nc felt left out.... Thank u aunty...n I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEEE UUUUUUU!!!!!!hippy bday!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello aunty,
this is aashi's frnd anusua
just wishing u a wonderful birthday....


Shash_Jedii_Master said...

[b]Wish u a very very Happy Birthday ...may God bless ya with good health, success and happiness all thruout ur lyf. God has already blessed u with such a wonderful daughter...jitna bolu utna kum padega :D

Karandeep said...

First of all... Many Many Happy Returns of the day aunty... :)
May God bless you with many more years to come...n i hope aashi's gifting u something nice instead of taking some gr8 gifts from you ;)

Kandy said...

AND about ur poem was as always a wonder with ur pen... :) ....

To think abt a Title is a difficult job but lets try.....


Jasleen said...

Dear Aunty...wish u a very happy nd a memorable birthday!!!!May u get 2 celebrate millions of birthdays with ur near and dear ones around u!!!!

i don't think any gift wud be as great nd lovlier to a mother than a beautiful poem dedicated by her daughter...i wish i cud gift sumthng as lovely as this 2 my mom too..:).......well honestly aashi....this is one poem that anybody wud love 2 read again and again.

well....suggesting a title for a poem is indeed a difficult job...poems not being my forte....but still..i'll try...


Sam said...

Hey lady..belated wishes for you mum!! sorry re.. wasn't ol for sometime!! isiliye late ho gaya...
amazing b'day gift...
and now for teh title...
1. Mum
2. Love be thy name (/Mother is thy name!!)
3. To mother, with love!!

wel.. i hope that's enough.... :)

Hoppy said...

hey m so sry wishin ur mum so l8

bt i wasnt gettin ol....:(


belated happy bday
hope u had a nice day

nd aachi dis is one of d most beautiful poems i hav evr read

Aashi said...

am soooo aorry for absolutly no response...things been pathetic with my am generously using my offices connection.. ;)

lol...btw thnxxx a million times over..n really shubhs its perfectly ok...mum never saw this on her budday newyz :(

newyz as 4 the title...this is tough 2choose.....

thinking over these thou...




To mother, with love!!

Sam said...

hey... were di u join?? no communication wotsoever!! :x....

moonstruck crackerjack said...

hey..dis is great one....
i miss my mom....
mommy yaha aa jao mujhe yaha ka khana accha nahi lagta...

Aashi said...

lolzz...hey moony..glad u droppd in :)

@sam now u knw namesake.. :P

Anand said...

if dat is ur poem aashi then its wonderful..
The xplanation is apt, words carefully chosen and woven beautifully to make the perfect poem. yet it lacks sumthing.. i guess may be the title.. i have read some poetry in this genre regarding one's mother and well i found it resembles sumthing i read long ago..:p on the whole excellent

Aashi said...

lolzz...well mai i can assure u this is an entirely honest piece of work for my mum....

newyz all i can say is tht i am glad u found it so nice that u kinda thot it was copied upon...thnx 4 the complimnt.. :)

newyz as 4 the title...i dunno...i cudnt think of nething..but i lykd this one...4 its aptness n simplicity :)

Tarang said...

Nice piece of writing. Mother and child love is always very very special.

Anonymous said...

This is just precious. What a lovely, loving tribute to your mother and her gentle caring. It really touched my heart.

Kim Nelson said...

Beautiful ode to a mother. Lovely.

Vinay said...

a dedication that is echoed I'm sure by children the world over :) very beautiful, Aashi.

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Paulami said...

amazing dedication. uncle's one was better though :P

Jingle said...

lovely tribe.


mindsinger said...

Very sweet. Were you talking of mother or child? Or neither?

Anonymous said...

nice bonding moments, soulful conversations without words, sweet and nice work!
enjoy the rally!

Anonymous said...

very lightly worded and pure in thoughts.. nice! my thursday post :

Jay said...

Awwwwwwww! This is beautiful! Loved it! :)

morganna said...

An adorable, sweet poem.

Andy said...

Absolutely lovely. There's no greater love than unconditional love. Thank you for sharing.

Lu Ann said...

:) This made me got up and hug my mum! Thanks for sharing this heart-warming poem.

Foxy said...

Love she does no matter what
Love she gives that never rots



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