Thursday, February 25, 2010

6 degrees of separation...

those words that weave through time...
those friends that stay beyond...
those moments remembered till eternity...
those memories forming the eternal bond...

the 6 of us....begin a journey...its been not too long...and yet these are a few memories...strengthening us...binding us forever...through this song...

Its the random thoughts and the unspoken bond
The broken strings and yet the attached cello-tapes
The running between rooms or the fleeting glimpses
Its the six degrees of separating separations...

It’s the drinking and the puking
It’s cheering for every grade
It’s a celebration, it’s a memory
It’s more than just a passing phase...

Its the fights and differences
its about being smitten by each others enthusiasm
its the varying wavelengths of attitude
but mainly about balancing the rhythm of friendship

It’s the kisses and the misses
It’s the group studies and the gossips
It’s the eating and then walking
It’s the separation which always ends in meeting again

its the tea in the mess and 'n' number of glasses,
the rumage for the seats for lunch and for classes,
Its the fights, the laughs, the claps and Shanghai
Its the 6 degrees entwined in the "Us" and the "I".

its the bread&mayo n hot water bags
the 500bucks per head n personalised surprises
its the american pies n dominoes fever
the separating every second n uniting forever...


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