Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The past..

There is so much I want to hang on to
And yet I know those moments have passed
So why do I try and turn back time
When I truly want the present to last

I look back now and I feel alone
For joy, it did but just start
I held it too early, held it too close
For it left too soon, so far apart

And now I live amidst pleasure
A world so filled with love
So why pines my heart
And sighs, and grieves
For those moments that just might have been


Sometimes someone means so much to you
Sometimes it shouldn’t be like that
Sometimes someone shouldn’t be cared for so much
Sometimes you’d rather forget

Sometimes someone hurts you so bad
Sometimes the hate hurts so much
Sometimes hate never quite goes away
Sometimes care seems too stubborn and stays

Sometimes moments don’t quite leave your head
The good memories and the bad
For how I hate after all these years
Sometimes it’s because, somewhere I still care…


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