Monday, November 14, 2011

And I searched...

I need to talk to you now
Where the hell are you

I’ve looked and looked and looked some more
But everywhere I turn
You just aren’t there
I am alone right now
I need you to hear me out
I need you to hear me
Listen, just listen
But I’ve looked around and your just not there
I’ve looked for you through my friends
I thought you were there
And then I looked at him searching for you
But I faced despair
Never found you
Where are you, who are you
Why can’t you be around when I think I have nowhere to turn to
Like magic just be there, no words no meanings no reasons
Just to be there to hold me and say
"It’s ok
It’s fine,
Those people are jerks
They don’t know you like I do
They don’t ever treasure that”
And each time I turn to you
You’d be there
Arms open or even across the phone
To listen, just listen, no more
Where are you, who are you
I need you so bad,
What’s your name,
What’s your number
How do I know you exist
How do I know that
That you’re really there…somewhere

Friday, October 28, 2011


Bright lights, were to be outside,
Smiles, laughter
BAM! a moment's silence,
Soon laughter was to be echoed even more.

Moments to celebrate,
wishes, magic
And here I lie in the dark
For those to wish seem so far
For those lights too distant
And so I keep lying,
Quiet, not a sound
And in that moment I feel so alone

It shouldn't have been like this,
Not anymore
I've been far away, far too long
I should be with those closest to me
For soon, new ones would come along
And then it would be so very different, new
Nothing the same, no face I'd know
Just like today, I'd be alone once more

And yet somehow, I've survived this day
A haunted whisper of tomorrow
But then I'd have no choice
I had one now.

So why those sounds seem so far away
So far, so still.

Come back, take me.

I so miss you.

Come back, take me.

Oh please take me away....

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Not so Abstract...!!

six feet of muscle..
gripped by a single sheet of steel...
held in tight, just 2 inches..
restricted freedom...
a cross of chains..
steel over steel...
cold hard intersections..
2inches has friends...
one hundred of them with him...
the muscle ripped pulled...
but friends dont break off so easy..
they need to be pried cradled...
each had its own key...
all but one...
ninety nine, recounted...
time, there was too much of it...
mocking him to pry each...
knowing one wont...
and what if the culprit was 2 inches...
too much time...
floating, prying, working...
what if with time..
friends departed...
but 2 inches, all alone...
cold harder...
weakening the muscle, mocking, teasing...
there was too much time...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Without a wish...

And ever so softly everything shuts down
The ringing ceases, the smiles, the frown
For what is left is but a gap unknown
From where it came
And from where it’s shown
For amongst the hopes, and amongst the wishes
I think I won’t draw them up again
For each day it crushes
Aloft, so softly it hushes
For we can’t say so
And they?
No, they would never know.

I also would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new blogger..

Friday, April 01, 2011

The final fall..

Look, look
How he sees upon her face
He lost. woe
His last born, his Cordelia
Surrounded with strewn bodies
Across the foul, the dainty
For she lived off her life of love, so full
Yet so half
All befallen
All anew
For hath the good but survived
Not knowing what it was to loose
No drop of tear shall have fallen
Tween the world of the Cristian, the Jew
And he the father slain
So love, so lost
For she who was loved, lost to all
For she who had none, hath yet all
With mad men and blind men and treason
Hath each befall
The foulest doth be forgotten
Farewell adieu, sweet girl
Don't fret
For soon
I follow...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a thought..

people come and go in your life...
but do you know where to draw the line at?
do you know who is in and who isn't?....
do you know who should be led only so far?...

the day you've mastered this... the day you would cease to exist

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tongue twister (Part 3)

Misfit Miss Fish

Miss Fish was a misfit
Misfit little Miss Fish was
Well misfit Miss Fish wasn't a fit fish
So other fit fish fished Miss Fish off...

Tongue twister (Part 2)

This one is dedicated to my friend Suji Wuji Duji (Sujith) coz he thought the one before wasn't much of a tongue he gave me the words "chicken and kitchen" to work here are 2 tongue twisters the second one was preferred over the first though :P...

so to suji...
If i have your permission
Just shut up and listen...

1). Is that chicken in the kitchen
but kitchen's out of chicken
I smell chicken in the kitchen
how can kitchen smell of chicken
when no chicken entered the kitchen

2). How do I choose
between a kitchen and a chicken
if new kitchen, no chicken
if cute chickens, no kitchen
kitchen or chicken
chicken or kitchen
But not
kitchen with chicken
chicken with kitchen

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tongue twister...

A couple of couples are coupled together...
A couple of couples that coupled so sure...

A couple of couples so coupled in love...
That each couple of couples just coupled s'more....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


how can you feel lonely surrounded by a houseful of friends?
how can you feel lonely knowing someone far away is thinking of you in every breath?
how can you feel lonely when your family hopes and wants you as whoever you are?
how can you feel lonely, so alone amidsts a crowd?
how can you feel lonely when there is so much you need to do?
how can you feel lonely when you live a life most see from afar and smile?
how can you feel lonely knowing that your dreams could be just handed to you?
how can you feel lonely,
how can you be lonely at all?


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