Friday, June 22, 2007


We all live a small life
Much decisions on our shoulders
Some a burden while some for fun
But not friendship
No, not at all
Come let me take you into a fantasy
A dream like one you’ve never seen
Just close your eyes and listen to me

Can you hear the Lark?
Can you hear the Cuckoo?
Can your hear the Nightingale sing?
A melancholy song
Of a story not so long
For the sands of time to bring

Listen carefully my dear
For there is a lesson to be learnt
Don’t judge so soon
You may be wrong
And hurt yourself in return

It was a bright bright day
Not a sound to be heard
No noise made
All were present
Man, beast and bird
No one moved
They simply stood and watched

Then came a far, far off cry
Of pain of hurt
And a sob and a sigh
For all watched a tortured soul
Tormented hurt and die.

There he was on his knees
Begging, pleading
For those who he took as his friends
Used him, hurt him
Then let their friendship come to an end

“Why?” he asked,
“Why?” he cried.
“How had the bond been broken
Hadn’t it been made by chains of love so strong?
Or was it of mere selfishness
A weak thread, a token”

“A proof, a mark, deep inside
To scorn me of my foolish pride
So sharp the tongue
That hurt my soul
I cannot run
I cannot hide”

No more could he stand the pain
A laugh, a cry, a blend of both.
But none could work
None to ease the pain
None to ease the hurt.

Blinded by the tears
Of shame, of fury
He then struck a blow
A fist came down on him later
And then there were more

Blow by blow came down upon him
Those very hands
Those very hands
One’s which had calmed the hurt he got
Were opening those wounds
With added salt.

Thus he fainted
Bloodless, lifeless
Calm and still
Writhing insides now empty, now void
Still not a soul moved
Still not a soul moved

“Why is it dark?
Has the night set in?
Or am I dead,
And gone to heaven
Maybe hell for such a sin.”

“Nay my friend,
You still reside on earth
You have your soul
Your body is healing.
But, forgive me my friend
To hurt you and torment your mind
For I have to tell you
That your vision has gone friend
That you are blind.”

A tear falls and then another
For yet the burden was augmented
The voice was known
Too known to ignore
For to ignore was what he wanted

The voice was familiar
The tone was not
Yet how could it be so?
His friends had turned evil
His friends had turned bad
And the voice….

The voice was of a foe

hmm.... for some i guess only tush this is a really old post..which i had posted way old poem written aeons ago...i sumhow luv it..the reason i am reposting it is so that i can share it with all of me my best works were my old poems...sumhow i have forgottn how to capture the same thing again....

i dont think it would have been possible for me to repost the whole lot here again...but then this is one i hope you guys did read...which of course is the case..if ur reading this :P..... its long but i luv it... i hope u did too :)


sam said...

hmmm....... its a nice one actually... though i find the first half and second half a lil dc... the second half definitely has got anguish filled in its pores... and teh ebst thing it actually says that pride can undo the best of friendships... and turn frnds into foes!!
by the way, may i add doubts... can do that do??

Aashi Joshi said...
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arti said...

CHOICES this is a marvel in my opinion. the poem is so nice that while readig it i actually had a connection close to my heart. I wish u luck for future so that u keep on writing such pieces.

aashi u r gr8.

Aashi Joshi said...

thnx arti am glad u lykd it :)

vibhor said...

hey aashi listen can u plz post d entire poem..well u know i ws too deeply absorbed in it ke i felt a little used wen dat poem ws left incomplete...plz plz plz...entire poem!!!!

Aashi said...

i didnt get u vibhor :O waddya mean??...this poem is compelete in itself.. or isnt it?? :O

vibhor said...

well i thot it wud go on got immersed in it...[:(]

Aashi said...

thnx vibhs....thnx 4 saying tht :)

Anand said...

spellbound i am. the very thoughts i once had are strewn beautifully..
started off with a wonderful verse and ended marvelously............. quite absorbing

Aashi said...

hey mai..ok this i kinda saw sanz the horizon poem..but really..if uv read this...horizon was a continuation

n hey glad 2 c u here..

althou if my memory is correct i shudnt b surprised ;)

Paulami said...

revisiting it and reliving it someway...
love it as always :)

Aashi said...

well sweety its the closest to my heart..n the truest in every sense...takes me back in time making me long to b that person again sumtyms...

thnx 4 coming back >:D<

Jingle said...

beautiful message...

have fun.

dan roberson said...

To have friends treat you badly and then to ignore, they wouldn't be my friends anymore.
I enjoyed your poem.

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Wow, a long write but not a dry one, I have to say.. a great cut into Choices..

Keep writing..

Anonymous said...

Well written Aashi...

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written story. Unfortunately, world is full of people who are ready to pretend to be our friends in order to use us. That's why we should be careful, but at the same time have hope that true friendship does still exist out there... :) Loved your narration! ;)

Anonymous said...

you write well.. my thursday~

Olivia said...

A very beautiful song indeed!
I have a very few friends- but some friends they are.. :)

Thank you for sharing this!
Hugs xx

Vinay said...

I think sometimes, a time may come that the foe seems more true than the friend, and the friend seems the foe. Yet we can't know that future when make the choice of being friends :) Lovely thought provoking post!

Rally Week 41 - My Poetry

Krisse said...

Such strong images... Loved it!

Aashi said... everyone..and yes it is a bit long but it is the closest poem to my glad you all njoyed it..thank u once again

kez said...

wow what an epic ! beautifully written and i think the real potential for a story line ...well done

Jingle said...

..please visit poets who are here, but you did not reach initially, thanks, we call it return favors, part of the rule,
bless your Friday.


Anonymous said...

The plot is nice, quite well crafted but yeah, as you yourself mentioned, the oldness of the poem shows. Why not work on it a little, may be you can create a jewel out of this ore you have.

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Quite epic with nice twists and turns, nice write!
Enjoy the rally:

Amity said...

'For the old are gold"! Hence this old poem of yours presented a golden only proves that poets' works transcends time and their beauty remains forever...:)

I kind of could relate to this, I was thinking of writing a poem about foe and friend...:)

Many times, I was always trusting people, believing they are really friends, only to find out that they see you as threat to their life in so many ways...but you could only become victim of your innocent honest to goodness friendship...I wrote for this rally something about the harsh realities of life about friendships...

Very nice this one! Loved it! :)

Purvi said...

The poem made me subscribe to U.. need I say more? U seem one hell of a writer my dear!
I am from ~

Aashi said...

ok first up...this is so darn overwhelming....thnk u ppl..

@kez...thnk u was a story that came out as a poem..

@jingle..yups...been doing tht so far so gud :D

@mihir..thnx 4 the idea..i'll work on anothr poem but i luv all the old ones...cnt seem to change them...but i'll try..

@lynn...thnx :) true...old is it people or words... i will definitely take a look at your work too...god bless made my day gurl..i still dunno much abt subscriptions on blogspot and all...but wow..thnk u...and will definitely drop in :)

Enchanta said...

Very interesting way to present a very worldly situation.

Good work!

Enjoy the rally.

shafeeq valanchery said...

very well arranged; interesting

KavyaAlone said...

really awesome Love this
We live all small life..
And this small life we only search to make us so many ways
Really we succeed..Nice written..


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