Friday, October 28, 2011


Bright lights, were to be outside,
Smiles, laughter
BAM! a moment's silence,
Soon laughter was to be echoed even more.

Moments to celebrate,
wishes, magic
And here I lie in the dark
For those to wish seem so far
For those lights too distant
And so I keep lying,
Quiet, not a sound
And in that moment I feel so alone

It shouldn't have been like this,
Not anymore
I've been far away, far too long
I should be with those closest to me
For soon, new ones would come along
And then it would be so very different, new
Nothing the same, no face I'd know
Just like today, I'd be alone once more

And yet somehow, I've survived this day
A haunted whisper of tomorrow
But then I'd have no choice
I had one now.

So why those sounds seem so far away
So far, so still.

Come back, take me.

I so miss you.

Come back, take me.

Oh please take me away....


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