Monday, October 30, 2006


There I lay by your side
You brush my hair
Your fingers send a shiver down my spine
I hold my breath
When you look at me
And tease me with those eyes
Then you get up and go away
Leaving me empty deep inside
I smile weakly
Then learn to laugh
Without the twinkle in my eyes
I have no reason to be hurt
You had made me no promise
Yet those are a girl’s foolish dreams
And I am no exception
Though mine would be unfulfilled it seems

The Unicorn

There she stands;
For all to behold
Her Majesty, an invisible crown
Her skin so white
Shown in the darkest night
Her eyes like a diamond foun.

The swish of the tail
The shake of her mane
And a horn by light aglow
For all in awe
Of innocence so raw
And magic in the silver flow

For nere were there
A more wondrous sight
A majestic silhouette by the moon
Then darkness fell,
So black a night,

A moment too soon
A moment too soon

To You, Oh Woman

Hush my love, do not speak
And let the time be still
For let me drink your exquisite beauty
And enchantingly be intoxicated by it

Oh how you blush by my embrace
Such innocence
Such grace
Thus none can decline
What’s rightfully mine
And go so fully insane

Those deep blue eyes, those soft pink lips
Are mine to explore
For I want to paint you into the depths
To the canvas of my hearts core

Have you come my love straight from heaven
Or are you a child
Nature hath made so pure
Answer me my love
How are you so handsome
That angels sing your praises
At the heaven’s door

The twinkle in your eyes
The smile on your lips
And that whisper of my name
That tender touch, leaves a pain such
That a nymph would be ashamed

Promise me, Pride of Venus
That you would never leave me for more
For Gods would make
No other so Belle
As the world could not have
Another Kohinoor.


We all live a small life
Much decisions on our shoulders
Some a burden while some for fun
But not friendship
No, not at all
Come let me take you into a fantasy
A dream like one you’ve never seen
Just close your eyes and listen to me

Can you hear the Lark?
Can you hear the Cuckoo?
Can your hear the Nightingale sing
A melancholy song
Of a story not so long
For the sands of time to bring

Listen carefully my dear
For there is a lesson to be learnt
Don’t judge so soon
You may be wrong
And hurt yourself in return

It was a bright bright day
Not a sound to be heard
No noise made
All were present
Man, beast and bird
No one moved
They simply stood and watched

Then came a far, far off cry
Of pain of hurt
And a sob and a sigh
For all watched a tortured soul
Tormented hurt and die.

There he was on his knees
Begging, pleading
For those who he took as his friends
Used him, hurt him
Then let their friendship come to an end

“Why?” he asked, “Why?” he cried.
“How had the bond been broken
Hadn’t it been made by chains of love so strong?
Or was it of mere selfishness
A weak thread, a token”

“A proof, a mark, deep inside
To scorn me of my foolish pride
So sharp the tongue
That hurt my soul
I cannot run I cannot hide”

No more could he stand the pain
A laugh, a cry, a blend of both.
But none could work
None to ease the pain
None to ease the hurt.

Blinded by the tears
Of shame, of fury
He then struck a blow
A fist came down on him later
And then there were more

Blow by blow came down upon him
Those very hands
Those very hands
One’s which had calmed the hurt he got
Were opening those wounds
With added salt.

Thus he fainted
Bloodless, lifeless
Calm and still
Writhing insides now empty, now void
Still not a soul moved
Still not a soul moved

“Why is it dark?
Has the night set in?
Or am I dead,
And gone to heaven
Maybe hell for such a sin.”

“Nay my friend,
You still reside on earth
You have your soul
Your body is healing.
But, forgive me my friend
To hurt you and torment your mind
For I have to tell you
That your vision has gone friend
That you are blind.”

A tear falls and then another
For yet the burden was augmented
The voice was known
Too known to ignore
For to ignore was what he wanted

The voice was familiar
The tone was not
Yet how could it be so?
His friends had turned evil
His friends had turned bad
And the voice….

The voice was of a foe

Of Depression

Unhealed sadness
Doth flows in each vein
Untold sorrow,
Unknown pain.

Where of it came from
I know not
How long tis would stay?
Whence the end would be brought?

There are no tears
There is no sigh
Yet tis ache persists
And a want to cry

And a shadow doth lingers
Not far apart
And unspoken questions

Doth pierce my heart
Oh thoust walls
I beseech thee
For let me fly
A soul so free

A silent goodbye
Needn’t be strung
For I would depart
Unnoticed unheard unsung


Walked hand in hand
Reciting A-B-C
Never left each other
That close were we

Then we grew up
Passed through different walks of life
Kept in touch
But neither could we talk
Nor meet much.

Then came that beautiful life
Where both he and me
Each had a date
Smiling at each other
Looking through the arms of another

Time just passed
And I realized something
Something that truly deeply
Hurt from within

He slowly started seeming to be
Much more than a friend to me
I really wanted him
But waited for him to speak
Soon, I thought
He never did feel the same
And I gave up

I had a mask on
Trying as much as
I could
Covering the sorrow in the bride’s eye
Looking for a face
A face familiar in the mist of strangers

There he was
Standing with the strangers
Laughing enjoying
It hurt
But I went on

Now I have wrinkles
Grandchildren playing around me
My life seeming so perfect
But the truth is known by none except…

I held his diary in my hand
And walked on
Reaching the cold land
Holding the diary
Kissed the grave
Let go my tears and said
“I know it’s too late
And I am old
But really
You should’ve told”


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