Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That angelic devil

as her dark lashes rest upon her cheeks aglow
as she smirks under that cute little tiny nose
as her lips part oh just so slightly
And touches her tongue, just for that special effect.

her fingers holds on to yours ever so slightly
yet you feel so helpless you cant let go
her tender touch makes you want to hug her
but you fear you'd crumble that delicate frame.

you look deep into her big bright eyes
magnetically holding on to you as if till eternity
for even when they close, the effect stays
your eyes cant leave her face and those lids do nothing to help you part

shes simply beautiful, so innocent, so pure
and yet you know, an evil grin may just be underneath
far away where no sane mind could reach
and try as we may, we cant fight this charm

we are but a bunch of helpless warriors
in love with this angelic devil
We think we are armed with our unwavering wit
but her form simply lures us without fail

oh this uncrowned queen knows just the right moves
a cry on her lips conjures one and all from places afar
but with a gurgle and with a coo and that elegent little sway
even he with a heart of stone shall have no opt but to sigh and stay

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Holding out to a star...

Please help comfort her
She' holding out for you
An unsaid plea on her lips
She trusts u soo much
And yet she has inner desires
Assure her, love her
She misses it so
Tell her those fears are baseless
She knows but needs to be told
She has soo much to say
And so much has been left unsaid
An inner sob she hopes you hear
Feel her need and help her out
It's been a long time
And again she needs to know....


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