Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not a skylark in a distance
No music to precede
And yet those footsteps mingle
On a solitary rhythm,
On a single beat.

For as the moonlight dances
And as the twilight fades
A touch and a tremble
And that first sign of innocence
And that first subtle graze

So did the hearts beat faster
Like a tinkling chime
Uncertain and so scared
Yet an abundance
Of passions sublime

His look was so deep
Her eyes so shy
And a blush crept oh so softly
Like a blooming bud
With an inward sigh

And a little smirk crept
Oh so slowly yet so there
For that knowing look
And those teasing eyes
And secret moments yet to share

Friday, June 22, 2007


We all live a small life
Much decisions on our shoulders
Some a burden while some for fun
But not friendship
No, not at all
Come let me take you into a fantasy
A dream like one you’ve never seen
Just close your eyes and listen to me

Can you hear the Lark?
Can you hear the Cuckoo?
Can your hear the Nightingale sing?
A melancholy song
Of a story not so long
For the sands of time to bring

Listen carefully my dear
For there is a lesson to be learnt
Don’t judge so soon
You may be wrong
And hurt yourself in return

It was a bright bright day
Not a sound to be heard
No noise made
All were present
Man, beast and bird
No one moved
They simply stood and watched

Then came a far, far off cry
Of pain of hurt
And a sob and a sigh
For all watched a tortured soul
Tormented hurt and die.

There he was on his knees
Begging, pleading
For those who he took as his friends
Used him, hurt him
Then let their friendship come to an end

“Why?” he asked,
“Why?” he cried.
“How had the bond been broken
Hadn’t it been made by chains of love so strong?
Or was it of mere selfishness
A weak thread, a token”

“A proof, a mark, deep inside
To scorn me of my foolish pride
So sharp the tongue
That hurt my soul
I cannot run
I cannot hide”

No more could he stand the pain
A laugh, a cry, a blend of both.
But none could work
None to ease the pain
None to ease the hurt.

Blinded by the tears
Of shame, of fury
He then struck a blow
A fist came down on him later
And then there were more

Blow by blow came down upon him
Those very hands
Those very hands
One’s which had calmed the hurt he got
Were opening those wounds
With added salt.

Thus he fainted
Bloodless, lifeless
Calm and still
Writhing insides now empty, now void
Still not a soul moved
Still not a soul moved

“Why is it dark?
Has the night set in?
Or am I dead,
And gone to heaven
Maybe hell for such a sin.”

“Nay my friend,
You still reside on earth
You have your soul
Your body is healing.
But, forgive me my friend
To hurt you and torment your mind
For I have to tell you
That your vision has gone friend
That you are blind.”

A tear falls and then another
For yet the burden was augmented
The voice was known
Too known to ignore
For to ignore was what he wanted

The voice was familiar
The tone was not
Yet how could it be so?
His friends had turned evil
His friends had turned bad
And the voice….

The voice was of a foe

hmm.... for some i guess only tush this is a really old post..which i had posted way old poem written aeons ago...i sumhow luv it..the reason i am reposting it is so that i can share it with all of me my best works were my old poems...sumhow i have forgottn how to capture the same thing again....

i dont think it would have been possible for me to repost the whole lot here again...but then this is one i hope you guys did read...which of course is the case..if ur reading this :P..... its long but i luv it... i hope u did too :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007


And there I stand
So aloof so apart
An uncrowned queen
With an unchained heart

So what that I am single
And what that I am alone
For there isnt a need
Nor yet a want nor a look
Of loneliness so shone

There are times I do wonder
Am i right not to give in?
But then the anwers I get
They come from deep within

Oh yes I have falterd
And yes I have sighed
And yet...
Not a tear came
Nor did a cry

For no sadness did envelope
Nor did that bittersweet crave
For a touch of a loved one
And that companionship it gave

"Look how lonely she is"
A foolish young man said
And I smiled and sailed away
On a pathway that later
I know he too will tread.

Monday, June 04, 2007

But where is Ma?

I am looking very nice you know
In my new dress.
As pretty as a rose,
Ma told me so.
She thought one on my hair
Would make me look like a princess.
I cant see her now you know.
She is very pretty too actually,
My Ma.
Pa really loves her a lot.
He loves me too,
Says I make him smile.
But he has tears now.
He's looking stupid actually.
He was to take me and Ma to the park
But where is Ma?
I have to see her rose still.
Some funny looking man is trying to talk to me.
Why doesnt he understand?
I wanted the rose ma was getting me.
She had one too.
A white rose.
I like white roses
But ma couldnt reach the other one you know.
She needed help to get it
So I did that, I helped her.
The rose was pretty.
I have my white rose with me finally now.
But pa isnt happy.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

another hindi poem i wrote when i was around 13... gng bak memory lane...much pardon folks

gire hue ek patte ke samaan
woh bhula hua lamha phir laut aaya
aur ab woh aise aaya
jaise tehniyoon ko chodne ka naam hi nahin leta
woh kab kaise aaya
yeh toh mein nahin jaanti
mein yeh zaroor chahungi
ki ek hawa ka jhonka aaye
aur woh usko us disha mein le chale
jahaan se woh mud ke bhi dekhe
toh mein na dikhu


another peom i was really proud about..wrote it when i was in 5th i suppose lol.....for my tution teachers daughter..she was competing for a recitation competition where the kids havta reciet thier self composed i was a ghost writer for this one.. n i guess its alryt to take back the claim as its been a while since the competition happnd..and oh btw..she won it

surya tu kyun hai itna pyaara
taaron se bhi hai tu nyaara
cham cham cham
chamakte hai taare
tu kaise chamakta hai pyaare
surya asth jab hota hai
khidki se bahaar dekhti hun main
surya tu aur thodi der ruk jata
toh mera yeh phul aur bhi khilkhilata...

Another ancient one...

lol...well its strange you know calling my first year grad poem as ancient but so i think it is now..and funnily i am in a mood to bring back the old poems i wrote as a skul going child and a teen off to collg...well i got my hands on this somehow i dnt think it to b great and yet......y with me folks i hope you wont find it too bad

here sitting alone
i shed a tear
for there being no reason at all
but yet i blamed myself
the sorrow i caused to many
known unknown
i am guilty for the tear in my mothers eye
i am guilty for the pain on my fathers face
i know it is because of me
yet i am helpless, confused, lost
and here when i come out
my friends tell me to hurry
laughing at my lazyness
for they mistook my eyes of dried sorrow
for that of healing sleep
i wish they would understand
without me telling them. i cried
i felt a pang of guilt
of trying to show my emotion
so i smiled
faking a yawn
went back to my room
and wrote these lines

hmm wierd ryt no rhymes no nothing and grammatically incomplete...and yet its unedited raw just the way i wrote it....i dunno why but i can never make myself edit my own work...


i just realised that i hadnt added this poem of myn newhr in this blog..strange really cos it was the one poem i held closest to my heart...considerd it my masterpiece wen i was seems kiddish now but i still love it a lot so much so that i have it by heart :)

a tear in your eye i can see
is it bcoz of me
are those the soft blue eyes
that used to calm my cries
the eyes for which anyone would die
oh love why do you cry?
is it bcoz of me?
oh lord give me the key
to the solution of my love
who as gentle as a dove
cries for the land above....

Friday, June 01, 2007

ON TV....

this poem was written by me and my frenz cuz. :) she hadta submit a poem on TV to the brit council..and well i kindahelped her out in this is our combo work.. hope u lyk it :)

“Dear old friend I’ll be coming home to you
Hasn’t it been long since we wished adieu
I know your awaiting, are you not?
Of those little presents I promised to have brought”

But the sound at the other side
Was no less than alien, a mere snide
“You can’t come today it’s not right
For there is a show from noon till night”

“And then you know how I sleep so sound
And dream of all the thrilling shows around.
Sorry old friend for busy I am as such
Though if you want, you could join me for lunch.”

So then I agreed for I hadn’t a choice
And off I went to his house, up to that noise.
But there I met a strange sight and my heart sunk
For my friend was gaping lolling and looking all but drunk.

He spared nothing more than a glance at me
For hurt I was as he didn’t offer any tea
And also didn’t quite bother to ask me to sit
For his mind body and soul were completely hypnotized by it.

And then I realized that I had been replaced
By someone quite smart and so unclaimed
That someone seems to be quite a hit
That is so because of its great wit

Now he does not want to seem to waste his time
On a friend like me and considers it a crime
But my dear friend! Have you forgotten those days?
When the bonding between us was like those in fairytales

These things make me cry and cry a lot
I want to shatter this new friend who gave me this plot
This stupid thing, 18 inch long and 21 inch wide
Which has some silly little buttons on its right

In my anger I condemned it and did criticize
Hoping that my friend would wake up and realise
Saving a dying hope for this friendship of ours
How I wish he would see me and not those stars

But it seems my efforts wouldn’t be useful anymore
As my words of farewell have now closed the door
This birthday of mine had proved unlucky somehow
As we don’t want to see each other’s faces by now.

And this is the end of our great bond
Of a friend that I was very fond
Oh how much I had cherished this friendship
But a mere box ended this whole relationship

This stupid piece of useless junk,
Is worse than a smelly old skunk.
I can’t believe this silly old toy
Could spoil and snatch my grandest joy.

After a passage of time, finally I had come to know
When this TV was introduced to my house also
I realized that the TV bug does not spare anyone
It is addictive and engulfs all under the sun.

I just happened to be next in line to my friend
Who got glued to this silly stupid trend
For now I am just another alien who would start
Another sad story and break another heart.


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