Monday, November 14, 2011

And I searched...

I need to talk to you now
Where the hell are you

I’ve looked and looked and looked some more
But everywhere I turn
You just aren’t there
I am alone right now
I need you to hear me out
I need you to hear me
Listen, just listen
But I’ve looked around and your just not there
I’ve looked for you through my friends
I thought you were there
And then I looked at him searching for you
But I faced despair
Never found you
Where are you, who are you
Why can’t you be around when I think I have nowhere to turn to
Like magic just be there, no words no meanings no reasons
Just to be there to hold me and say
"It’s ok
It’s fine,
Those people are jerks
They don’t know you like I do
They don’t ever treasure that”
And each time I turn to you
You’d be there
Arms open or even across the phone
To listen, just listen, no more
Where are you, who are you
I need you so bad,
What’s your name,
What’s your number
How do I know you exist
How do I know that
That you’re really there…somewhere


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