Monday, November 27, 2006

this was a poem written in the spur of a moment
a v crude poem 4 sure
n yet i am trying 2 explain of my writing...
i cudv improoved on it
but i am letting it b

all i want 2 say is a sry 2 sum1...who mite mind i hope u 4give me...n yet understand y i am doin this......


thr r many things
left unsaid in life
v think
wat the heck
life will go on
n thn
this time cumz
wen u dunno where 2 go...
life bcumz a box
a wall on each side
its strange...
ppl r simply gng on
as if nothin has happnd
no 1
sees tht emptiness in my eyes...
n those who do
well thy simply watch
sumtimez r helpless
n all i can tell them
the only ans 4 tht luk
is always


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Untitled...... as yet

hey ppl...this introduction is simply to tell everyone that i am hardly a master in hindi
and i am absolutly not proud of that.....but yet i have tried my hand on this poem....n no i am not writing my fact the whole credit of this poem goes 2 my net pal tushar mangal....i was so inspired by the pain in his poem that a human bond i could relate 2 his pain...not coz i'v gone thru it...but just because i do have an idea how it thnx tush....i hope u will excuse the errors in the poem...and if i have misused ne word ne where(ie...not put the correct word due 2 misinterpretation of the meaning)...kindly point it out 2 me........thnks ppl

ek pal na baat karu aapse
toh intahaan lagti hai
yeh tanhaai yeh bebaspana
nasur lagti hai

zindagi ka maksad
kho jata hai
ek sapne ki tarah
uska har ek pal uska har ek lamha

yeh jo waqt beet gaya
mere saath us tanhaayi ko bhi le gaya
woh ek sahara us yaad ka
jo tum mujhse cheen na sake

sochti hun ki shayad
yeh ek daur hai
par aur kitna lamba
aur kitna intezaar

bahut bebas hun main abhi
yeh jaan kar tum
woh pyaari muskaan
na rok paaoge

haan le lo tum bhi
in aasuon ka mazaa
inme kya khali pan hai
yeh tum na jaan paoge

haste raho tum
yeh dua hai meri
to kya ki inki kimat
kuch ashko se hi puri hojaye

hasi to shayaad mujhe hi aa jati
agar yeh pal do pal hi hote
shyaad phir main sab bhul jaati
agar yeh pal do pal hi hote

zindagi jati dikhayi de rahi hai mujhko
par gam bas iska hai
ki ek karan tumhari muskaan ka
shayad kabhi ab waapis na aayega

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

To a friend...

Lifes beautiful my dear
I hope u realise that
And life is tender sweet
And life is kind

Hurt not yourself so
And give life a chance
Let love come to you
And fear it not

For lord has bestowd on you
A gift so dear
And left it to you
To nuture and care for it

This is not meant to be
Simply a poem
Nor an advice
Nor a speech

Just a humble request
To some one kind
A person who deserves
A beautiful life

Judge god not
By the pains he sent
But by all the love you got
And all the care

Be not bitter
Be not sad
For life is a journey
And love is the path

Thats all I want to say my dear
I hope you know that I do care
For I wish you would give life another chance
And love yourself

Embrace god my friend
And allow others to enter
For there maybe someone waiting
Who would give and live just for you

Monday, November 06, 2006

just another face in the crowd

my hands tremble to touch you
just this one time
and my eyes search for yours
longing for you to look at me

you walk past me
grinning to yourself
and i am left ignored
unnoticed unseen unheard
simply being...
just another face in the crowd

i loved you..

i saw you smiling at me...
i loved you
you came and talked to me...
i loved you
i saw you many a times...
i loved you
you joked with me....
i loved you
you came to terms of making fun...
i loved you
i argued with you....
yet,i loved you
i abused you and i dont know why......
but still, i loved you
mercilessly you broke my heart.....
i loved you

On Death...

He held my hand
as firm as can be
and i looked at him
looked straight into the eyes
those eyes which said so much
those eyes crazy with emotion
i could see the pain, the passion, the anger

he fought back the tears
his manhood could not permit
he looked at me with love

i was in pain
not becaus of the wounds on me
to see my love
so helpless and weak
knew that his powers
could not win
against the enemy
who would seperate
our physical touch forever

my whole life flashed past me
i was smiling
thankful to god
for letting me spend
my last moments with my beloved

my eyes were focused on him
and his on me
no words were said
but a lot was understood
i knew our soul was one
and i would be
forever with him

his face was dissappearing
like the light dying down
slowly into the night
slowly into the night...

On Love...

I would love
To turn back time
And stay with you,
Asking the time to be still,
Forever this way.
Oh! I so miss the touch you had
The slightest movement of my hair,
Your breath made.
I smile,
I wanted you forever.
Jealousy took over me.
It was reserved for those few
who were so close to you.
Closer than me,
My love...

I wish I were....

I wish I were....
The song in your heart
Your light in the dark
The pen in your hand
The dirt on your band
The sand n your feet
The bed where you sleep
The ball which you play
Both night and day
The tear in your eye
Your lips when you smile
The car which you drive
The book which you thrive
The dream that you see
A flower if you were the bee
The breeze that touches you
The love you feel for few
The watch that you wear
The paper you tear
The sunlight trapped in your hair
I simply dont care
Whatever I become
You should always be there


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