Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Average Human

I am the average human 
The one who watches
The one who secretly cheers
The one who is grateful
To those who condemn my fears
The one who shames easily
The one who sits quiet
The one who stays nameless
For reasons of a staple 'moral' diet
I am the average human
I put my family first
No, I put it's societal position first
I am the one who thanks each day
The shouts and slogans
I am the one who embraces the change I want but never fought for
I am the woman who keeps quiet till she is married because once that aim is achieved she can speak up or get drunk
I am the man who watches atrocities but smiles through it because I can't fight back physically or financially
I am she who watches and prays for change
I am he who watches and prays for change
I am the quiet support who can be nulled
I am the average human

Sunday, July 06, 2014

a thing of beauty...

How magnificent this is,
shimmering beautiful
twinkling in the sunlight
bathing under the moonbeams
owners pride
sellers joy
a thing of beauty
what began as an ugly clay
a big lump of ugly clay 
so dull with no finish
laundering about merry as can be
ugly looking, too real with no finesse
no none at all
no finesse this does possess
but now...
the glamour the glitter
the delicate tinkle like laughter coming from within
just like beautiful music
deep within such a magnificent empty little tiny vase.....


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