Thursday, September 13, 2007

Angry ramblings..

i seriously thot aftr i had posted this poem....should i really let this show here.....u knw wat i mean..but somehow wen i read it again aftr i cooled down i kinda liked the rawness n the intensity in the poem so i am letting it be :)

hope u cud go thru the poem without getting dazed as to wth is happnin.. :P

Lifes funny u knw
Many tyms one hides the truth and many times runz away from it..

Have u ever fot for ur ryt??..............................
Been hurt in the process??..
Sumtyms its just not abt wat u see on the surfce ..
Mabe the object we fyt for..isnt wat we really desire..
Its our pride and our ryt we fyt for.

Irony is these fyts dnt happn with strangers..
Sometyms we get hurt by our own
Who ruthlessly..irrationally try and snatch wat is ours..

We share..
We care..
But then y do v stay togrthr…
If all we do is fyt over a mere object..
It was my fault partially…
For it wasn’t for the object I desired ..
It was a fyt for my pride…..
A tear is dying to come out..
A jeer looks ryt at me..
But I knw and I am brave..

It doesn’t flow..
It stays…
And then I jeer back..
Gotcha u creep..
I hit him whr it hurts the most..
I work on his weakness…his worse fear…
Yeh I behaved lyk a sadist… it felt nice..
Him physically…I gave it bk mentally
And he looses…he knws tht
But the scars remains..
And tht tear finally flows………..

So who wins????


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