Wednesday, July 04, 2007


A promise I had made to myself
A promise that now I broke
I thought I would have kept to it
But alas it wasn’t to be so
For yet again I let things go far
And yet again I trusted so much
But the past still haunts
Of the faults I had made
Of the choices I had picked
Of those memories of gore

And with that past I so thought
I had learnt my lesson
And moved on
Gods freedom I had then denied
For the choices I had made
I had made them wrong
To choose a friend
To journey beside me all along

Then yet again I stand today
With friends for eternity
But it took time
I trusted once more and it had paid
For God has been kind
And they’ve kept by me
And I know they’ll stay

But history they say
Repeats itself
And again that question arises
You came in too fast
For I couldn’t judge you
And allowed you so soon
That space I never gave

Oh yes you’ve been there
And yes you’ve trusted too
But what can I do
Of this fear that grips
Of that doubt and that hitch
Which so wrenches my heart
And shows me that moment
Of a time I’d be helpless
Of the day I wouldn’t find you
Holding my hand till eternity
And being forever there right beside me


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