Thursday, July 19, 2007

To mum with love...

An angel thou art
Beauty personified
Those gentle fingers
Those soulful eyes

A smile so gorgeous
A touch so soft
A prayer on thy lips
And answers aloft

Thy kiss so loving
Thy love so pure
Our pain in thine eyes
Thou so bravely endure

And a hug so warm
And a faith so deep
And a whisper to god
No fears to weep

And a life so unconditional
And a caress to assure
Of thy love and thy being
Of those unpaid gifts galore

A balm for each heart
A kiss for each tear
Our gift from heaven
To shield each fear

Then why do we hurt thou
And make thy cry
So ruthless, so cruel
But still not a sigh

And yet thy loves
And yet thy cares
And hopes and wishes
And add us to thy prayers

Oh, why art thou so gentle
Oh why so kind
Thou could go so much further
And leave us all behind

Holding my hands so gently
Thou then doth sighs
With that twinkle so lovely
In thine lovely eyes

Thoust uttered not a word
And yet said so much
Those gentle eyes told it all
Along with that gentle touch

And so thy stand
My mentor, my guide
To lead us all to eternity
My mater, our pride.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


A promise I had made to myself
A promise that now I broke
I thought I would have kept to it
But alas it wasn’t to be so
For yet again I let things go far
And yet again I trusted so much
But the past still haunts
Of the faults I had made
Of the choices I had picked
Of those memories of gore

And with that past I so thought
I had learnt my lesson
And moved on
Gods freedom I had then denied
For the choices I had made
I had made them wrong
To choose a friend
To journey beside me all along

Then yet again I stand today
With friends for eternity
But it took time
I trusted once more and it had paid
For God has been kind
And they’ve kept by me
And I know they’ll stay

But history they say
Repeats itself
And again that question arises
You came in too fast
For I couldn’t judge you
And allowed you so soon
That space I never gave

Oh yes you’ve been there
And yes you’ve trusted too
But what can I do
Of this fear that grips
Of that doubt and that hitch
Which so wrenches my heart
And shows me that moment
Of a time I’d be helpless
Of the day I wouldn’t find you
Holding my hand till eternity
And being forever there right beside me


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