Thursday, April 26, 2007

drowsy angry thots in verse form!!!

and a time
and a heart
and a story
from the start

and a friend
and a joy
and a bond
with the toy

and a journey
and laughter
a thot of forever
that spelt disaster

and an eagerness
and to care
love so diffrent
secrets to share

and a comfort
and a delight
each moment so special
each closer to plight

and then its boredom
and then its dull
and then a quiet
times answers are null

for now what
and now where
and an emptiness
and evenings to spare

and then a guilt
and then a want
and hurt of pride
a tease and a taunt

and an emotional fool
and a human err
and fools of emotions

from dust we came
to dust we go
tis between is nothing
but the final show

for all is written
and worked before
by god and the angels
and the sun by the shore

and there are birds
and there are trees
and mammal and fishes
and bumble bees

and there is one
a species i cudnt understand
the working mind
that of a man

they call us emotional fools
but i wonder
arnt they just exactly that
them those fools of emotions

ignorant, uncaring

and yet....

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shakespeare in love!!!?~?~??

For prospero, he was in love

“Thou aret fairest,O Romeo”

And so ran away Juliet

With Jessica’s Lorenzo

“Juliet, youn Juliet

O what did thoust do

But no matter dear

For I forgive you”

Also was there a young boy

Not so far away, yet apart

Could’nt be more than one and twenty

Thus he spoke from his heart.

“Sweet Jessica forgive me

For false I made you believe

I am no son of Adam

I am the daughter of Eve”

“Don’t go fair Viola

As I did not err..

For in thine eyes I found

The passion of a sir”

And there stood patient Olivia

For those footsteps made her aglow

With anticipated breath she turned

And found puck under the mistletoe

“The quality of mercy….”

“Be silent foolish woman

For Jessica has run away now

Thus Antonio thou aret forgiven”

While Antonio and Shylock embraced

Portia sat quietly-well bred.

But much evil in her mind she bore

Wondering if shylock had hugged her instead

“Helena, sweet Helena

Would thoust be mine?”

Cried Hamlet insane

In front of her shrine.

“Thoust are lovely, Ophelia

Dear Lady do not cry.

Wont you come into my arm’s my love”

Said Benedick with a sigh.

“O thoust just Queen, Hermione

I wish Perdita to be mine”

“Tarry young Antipholus, meet AEgon

Perdita’s new father and thine”

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Repentent Desire

A song unchanted
A melody unsung
A desire unknown
A story unstrung

Those notes to my heart
A want they make
A moment of bliss
A focus to break

A need, a want
So strong, so dear
And yet, apart
I tread in fear

And the sprinkling rain
Leaves a need so strong
For a caress and a touch
And a heart to belong

Raw emotions unshed
Too tough for care
A tear wants to be
And yet not there.

And then it brings back
For that all I miss
Empty, uncertain
And so i wish....

An untrodden path

on this lonely path i travel
each step closer to my destiny
each step futher from familiarity
each step fresh new uncertain
and yet, therein where i belong

on this lonely path i travel
a new package over an old one
a tree with forever a new ring
a wheel within another wheel
and yet therein lies peace

on this lonely path i travel
past those familiar faces
past those comferting moments
past those unspoken words
and yet therein sits my goal, my end

so thus my friend i will leave you
so thus my love we will part
so thus mater uncuddle me
so thus papa let me go
for therein i have to reach
and watch you all below


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