Sunday, December 09, 2007

Of Depression

Unhealed sadness
Doth flows in each vein
Untold sorrow,
Unknown pain.

Where of it came from
I know not
How long tis would stay?
Whence the end would be brought?

There are no tears
There is no sigh
Yet tis ache persists
And a want to cry

And a shadow doth lingers
Not far apart
And unspoken questions
Doth pierce my heart

Oh thoust walls
I beseech thee
For let me fly
A soul so free

A silent goodbye
Needn’t be strung
For I would depart
Unnoticed unheard unsung

I know I have posted this poem way before. But since then it was not noticed i am reposting it. Also Ikinda feel wierd of not doing anything in my blog. I hope you enjoy this poem too.


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