Saturday, October 06, 2012

Of Distant Dreams

for everyone is doing well old friend..
and look at you...

you have no story to tell..
no songs to be pages to be filled

all around you...people are see them dreaming and then living them through...
you were a dreamer had a thought...a goal...
so as the years passed by...the dreams grew dim...and others shone...

so bright so sharp...that those dreams grew dim
and the candle that you held...danced one last time
you never never made a sound..

and so...quietly into the night...a shadow was formed...
and it's growing...ever growing...
for the light has moved...further...

you still have a chance...rush into the light
or soon...the shadows too will leave you alone...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A special request....

Hello everyone...I hope I can ask ya'll for a favour. Recently a friend of mine and I were discussing our poems and the topic of our best works sorta came up. Well one thing led to another and we thought why not get a general idea of the best poems we have written. I thought the best way to do that is ask my  friends and fellow bloggers here to help me with that. I know some of you havent seen or read all my poems but I hope you enjoyed a few of them. So please take out some time and tell me about your favourites. You could give them to me in the order you liked them or even if u think a poem has the potential to be better if I work on it...any and every thought on any poem or my blog or my style or anything really is welcome. I would love to hear from you...

A thank you in advance...I know this would also help me learn and make me wanna write better..

:) Cheers!!

Yours as always...


Sunday, April 08, 2012

Scribbled some thoughts.....have you?

Have you ever teared up on a song that should’ve made you dance?
Have you ever closed your eyes to really shut your thoughts and not to sway your hips?
Have you ever wanted to smile and cry under a shower that made you hum a tune you thought you had forgotten?
Have you ever hugged yourself so tight and parted your lips in hope that an arm would slither behind you?
Have you made a face at romcoms and yet sneaked through them knowing exactly how the actors felt?
Have you kept the hope to love again…or have you lost all hope to try once more?
Have you still any hope that someone out there would make you feel you belonged again?
Have you decided to let things go, or hold on to them so tight you forget to breathe?
For life just sinks, ever so slowly, pulling you down…down…
The question is…can you save yourself?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When we grow up...

And so we'd jumped and so we'd laughed
For summer had come
That summer so harsh
No school, no teachers
O joy, O joy
We'd jumped and jumped and jumped

And so we'd played for days and days
And then we'd danced some too
And kids were we and friends were we
Was that class one or two?

Our eyes and hearts were filled with joy
And we loved the flowers
And we loved the toys
And jumping jacks and crazy dolls
We sang and danced both girls and boys

But soon, so soon, O how soon it was
That mother began to call
Each time I left my house she cried
I want you back soon, you can't be late
I want you back much before nightfall

But I'd be with my friend at home
So why was she so sour
Afterall we'd always jumped and laughed and rolled about
At his place past our wee hour

But mother looked oh so stern,
Her eyes were forbidding
So stern she looked, so thus I kept shut
But yet I thought it was wrong of her
And decided to give her a slip, a cut

So both of us, my friend and I
Ran across through town
Ran off towards the zoo
We laughed and jumped, and jumped and laughed
And like the chimp, we mimicked too

Oh fun what fun, and oh what cheer
We giggled and giggled and giggled some more
Took a journey back all the way through
I ignored my thoughts, ignored her words
And went back to my old boy blue

And soon we thought we need to rest
For jump we did all day
A yawn escaped our lips, a sigh
Our lids began to sway

And so we lay, so tired but happy
Just as those cherubic angels as were we
We smiled our special smile together
Like we did since we were three

And so we slept, and slept some more
Smiling through the sound
Of a slight snore my little friend bore
And an arm to arm around

And soon it was morning and I awoke
A smile, with a feeling bright
For my friend was still snoring and snoring away
So thus I tread, with a hope
And still a smile so slight.

And skipping and hopping I smiled, I smirked
A tub of water that's all I needed
Snore! Snore! Snore!
With shaking shoulders I muffled a laugh
And WHOOSH! Water galore.

How he squealed, and how I squeaked
A peal of laughter, a guffaw so loud
And so was to begin a long long summer
With friends and games and laughter

But then a look ever so slight
A slip, a frown and a hurried smile
For we were quick to smirk it out
To laugh and forget and laugh some more

And soon I left, for house to home
For after those moments few
We still laugh and still shout and still giggle
But I haven't gone back,
And I've haven't jumped too

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little teapot


Can you see her?

Short and stout

Those are her handles

This is her pout

When she sees you

Hear her shout

Pick her up

And throw her out

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tired of goodbyes...

And yet again I take a bow
And yet again I make memories revisited just within
And yet again I pack up a hope

This hope...
A day...a routine...a life
A journey of daily chores
Of stability...of security..of forever...

And yet another goodbye
Yet another heartache
Another time to push some space within my heart
Yet more smiles...yet more people
Yet more hellos..but why..

For once again I'd just say goodbye...


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