Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a thought..

people come and go in your life...
but do you know where to draw the line at?
do you know who is in and who isn't?....
do you know who should be led only so far?...

the day you've mastered this...

...is the day you would cease to exist

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tongue twister (Part 3)

Misfit Miss Fish

Miss Fish was a misfit
Misfit little Miss Fish was
Well misfit Miss Fish wasn't a fit fish
So other fit fish fished Miss Fish off...

Tongue twister (Part 2)

This one is dedicated to my friend Suji Wuji Duji (Sujith) coz he thought the one before wasn't much of a tongue twister...plus he gave me the words "chicken and kitchen" to work on..so here are 2 tongue twisters the second one was preferred over the first though :P...

so to suji...
If i have your permission
Just shut up and listen...

1). Is that chicken in the kitchen
but kitchen's out of chicken
I smell chicken in the kitchen
how can kitchen smell of chicken
when no chicken entered the kitchen

2). How do I choose
between a kitchen and a chicken
if new kitchen, no chicken
if cute chickens, no kitchen
kitchen or chicken
chicken or kitchen
But not
kitchen with chicken
chicken with kitchen

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tongue twister...

A couple of couples are coupled together...
A couple of couples that coupled so sure...

A couple of couples so coupled in love...
That each couple of couples just coupled s'more....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


how can you feel lonely surrounded by a houseful of friends?
how can you feel lonely knowing someone far away is thinking of you in every breath?
how can you feel lonely when your family hopes and wants you as whoever you are?
how can you feel lonely, so alone amidsts a crowd?
how can you feel lonely when there is so much you need to do?
how can you feel lonely when you live a life most see from afar and smile?
how can you feel lonely knowing that your dreams could be just handed to you?
how can you feel lonely,
how can you be lonely at all?


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