Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Like a girl again...

And then I felt like a girl again
And then I felt so very innocent
As the raindrops sprayed across my body
Silently engulfing me into ecstasy.
As the wind blew across my face
Wrapping itself amidst my soft curls
I stare at the sun so hazy
And my heart stops short
A blush creeps in ever so slowly
Gently caressing my cheeks so soft
My clothes cling onto each curve so lovingly
As if leaving a gentle kiss from heaven above
And then I wondered
And then I wished
If only I could hold the wind to my bosom
And never let it go
If only I could ask the sun to stop winking
As if it could read my mind
If only I could hide behind those dark dark clouds
And never come out
But alas I know tis but all in this foolish little head of mine
And yet nothing could’ve felt more right
And yet nothing could’ve felt more true
Than this bittersweet way I felt
Just like a girl once again
As fresh and as young as the morning dew…


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