Monday, September 14, 2009

Just friends....

Tis best to be a friend of all
And then to be a friend of none
Thus no one does hurt
No, not even yourself

For people come and people go
And one makes friends
And one makes Friends
But let them be as they are
Don't complicate, don't reciprocate.

For there would be despair
And much disappointment
So why venture there
Where the end is all but happiness...

Friday, September 11, 2009

The mistake I made...

I am the fool I always knew I was
I had seen it coming
For I took their advice
Day and night
And yet knew it wasn’t right

For I trusted my friends
And the world
And my family and my love
I hung on to their thoughts
And I believed in their words

Don’t get me wrong
They do love me
And I know they did their best
But what I did not know
Or refused to believe
Was the simple fact of being me

For in the past
And in the present
And in the future that holds tempting delights
We have all made and will make
But one small err
Of not trusting ourselves enough to make a mistake…


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