Wednesday, November 03, 2010

To where I belong...

From the way she looked at me
From the way she smiled
Her eyes held trust
For I know with the way she spoke...

Come hither and let me show you the way
Tarry no more
Let me show you how much I've needed you
How much my room seems empty cos you never came

And so I followed
A gleam of knowledge
Along with a wandering thought
I could see the joy in her eyes
For it all but said
I know you can make everything better
And so she led me to her room
Such trusting hands
Such delicate fingers

What lay ahead sent a tingle down my spine

It had been so long
But I knew I could make it beautiful
And so there she lay
Waiting to be carved
Waiting for me to complete her, mold her

My rose, darling rose..

But first the bitter part

That'll be 50 dollars for the bed ma'am !!!



P@ul@mi said...

he he :P :P

Aashi said...

ha ha :P :P

P i x i e said...

lol...this be nice XD
liked it!

Beyond Horizon said...

oh wow...quite funny...loved d way u started it n d end was a BANG!!!

Hoppy said...



Aashi said...

hey thnx pixie :)..glad you did..i dnt always attempt humour but guess this one got taken well :D

@beyond horizon...thnkee :D was tryin a twist in the tail :P

@shubhi....hey gurl...glad 2 see u..n alwys u make me feel happy abt my babies every single year...

Farila said...

feeling naughty huh?

Aashi said...

lol..not quite...the last bit well tells wat i really felt :P..but ye wanned 2 write sumthing funny for a long thus :)

Stephaine said...

this post made me smile nice ends.. all i though when I started reading is that another teary poetry only to find out the funny part of it love it nice.

Aashi said...

thnx stef :)


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