Thursday, December 23, 2010

Will you help us...??

Excuse me sir, will you please listen to me
I've been hungry for too long
And all I've wanted is nothing more than to belong

Belong to all those others walking past me
Thier eyes averted
Longing looks untouched
And those who look back pity me but wont respond...

For my hunger doesnt seem real to you
It wont
You have seen so many being fooled, so many wronged
I don't blame you sir

Do go on your journey
But try and see if you could help us
We couldn't grow up like you sir
Thats where we went wrong

We haven't had a choice sir
No one ever gave it to us
But now we are trying
Will you help us sir??

Will you just work a little more sir
We won't need your money
Just a morsel of food
Just the satisfaction that this one night
We won't feel that pain so deep within us.

Will you help us maam?
You look really pretty with those beautiful earrings
Each droplet reminds me of amma's tears
For every single time my baby sister cries out of hunger

She doesnt know it yet you know
She will learn
But I wish I could change that
Will you help us...??

(It's not so easy I know...for all those low lives who've made us turn a blind eye to the true sufferers....well all I can say is carry some food in your car whenever you go out...something they can consume directly..something that won't be handed over to all those who make money out of our countries straving future...

...and then there is Akshaya Patra

Details of how the work is done to prepare food for 1,253,266 children, please visit:

For donations go to: )


P@ul@mi said...

amazing, the way you put it forward!

Aashi said...

thnx :)

LONE WOLF said...


that is the big problem...who is true in need and who is not...everyday while traveling i see those women with babies...but they all have the same modus operandi show the kid crying...make a sad face...and u get money and just when the traffic signal goes green...they walk back with a wicked how to find the real needy ones..and then just giving a morsel of that enough? Will that solve the issue at large?

Aashi said...

well pras...if we ...each one of us...does our part..and hand food for meal for them...we wud do our job...and yes it would help...for those working to make this into a business won't be able to do much with the food we hand over...that's not gonna help those who make money in this area...for food wud b useless to not saying it would eradicate it..but it would be a big start...

Defiant Princess said...

very touching.

I dont know what to say! hope more and more people come forward to help these innocents.

Defiant Princess

pramod said...

very touchy presentation,
amazing pictures.

Pratibha The Talent said...

very touching and writing for such a noble cause is huge.great!

Beyond Horizon said...

I dont have words to express...heartfelt
as if those innocent kids were actually its reader
truly touching words for a noble cause...

CaMelliAEriS said...

wow! that is so true... i mean, nowadays we definitely ignore these pleas even if they're sincere for fear that we may just fall into their traps... tsk the society of today!

Nandhini said...

Truly Felt and written!

lisa said...

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from The Akshaya Patra foundation!

We would like to thank you for your wonderful post on The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

We at Akshaya Patra are glad to have an enthusiast like you.
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I am sure a blog post from you will make a huge difference.

Best regards,
Sarmistha Sengupta
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“Feeding a hungry child is not charity, it is our social responsibility”

Jingle said...

sad, powerful write.
Those do deserve our attention.

Paulami said...

came back for thursday poets rally and it hit hard this time as well. good write up.

Isabel said...

wow! powerful write!

Anonymous said...

This is so true.
Lovely written
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You inspired me in reading this. You seem like a very sweet and compassionate person =)

Ravenblack said...

Insightful poem. Too often we just walk quickly away, no time to listen or care. Thank you for this poem.

Anarchist Girl Scout said...

It reminds me of one of those Catholic Charities commercials. I mean that positively. Good work.

Jessica Prescott said...

A wonderful tribute to charity work. You're right about the food. If it's what someone truly wants, they'll be glad to take it. Thank you for writing for cause you believe in.

Amropali said...

wow!! that was a brilliantly powerful post!


echoesofthehills said...

So true. So sad. Thanks Aashi for bringing the plight of beggars to the fore of our minds.

BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.


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