Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tongue twister (Part 2)

This one is dedicated to my friend Suji Wuji Duji (Sujith) coz he thought the one before wasn't much of a tongue he gave me the words "chicken and kitchen" to work here are 2 tongue twisters the second one was preferred over the first though :P...

so to suji...
If i have your permission
Just shut up and listen...

1). Is that chicken in the kitchen
but kitchen's out of chicken
I smell chicken in the kitchen
how can kitchen smell of chicken
when no chicken entered the kitchen

2). How do I choose
between a kitchen and a chicken
if new kitchen, no chicken
if cute chickens, no kitchen
kitchen or chicken
chicken or kitchen
But not
kitchen with chicken
chicken with kitchen


Paulami said...

my eyes hurt more than my tongue...and just dont ask me how that happened!!

second one preferred ..

Aashi said...

awwwww sleep thn gurl...


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