Monday, February 26, 2007


Dont joke like that
you hurt my pride
pride of the way
i make you melt inside

i know i can catch you
looking at me with a want
yet i never look up
not a tease, nor a taunt

for though i like you
and these things are pure
i cannot decide about me
its me, i am unsure

for whenever i talk to you
you make me smile
for every word you say
stands out a mile

and yet i dunno
i guess its just a phase
an attraction a desire
sumthing, a blur, a haze

for it's not that i miss you
when you aint there
it's no that i wait for you
with unknown things to share

and yet, i do think
and rewind our words
and yet i do wonder
of things i said and things i heard

forgive me my friend
for thats what your yet
and i pray its a phase for you
for it would be then easier to forget.


Tushar Mangl said...

I liked 2 things i this poem...
one the feelings and emotions expressed very well...second strong point is the rhyming pattern
used very well...
Girl u are great
keep up this good work
God be with yu...

Unknown said...

gr8 work Aashi!!! I mean u actually impressed moi :)... Dont get carried away coz me not quite the poet or anything close to one... :P... I havn't got around to reading all ur poems but I really enjoyed this one :) seriously! keep up the gr8 work and keep me updated whenever u come up with n'y new ones... Ur kinda getting me into the poetic rythm(dunno if its a gud thing :P) Maybe someday with ur inspiration I'll become as gud...gr8 a poet as u r :) and again... deadly work !!!

Aashi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said...

hey namesake!!
dats an intereesting piece of work.... very insightful and has got the ring of truth in them too..... simple words, great effect, wonderful rhymimg!!
good job!! keep going!!

Unknown said...

another good work...
I m quite surprised how do u manage to write so beautifully.....
I hafta work my soul out to write a singhle piece.....
but u manage it quite artistically...


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