Saturday, March 03, 2007

I thank you

i welcum the new sunrise
a new day as begun
for a fresh new chapter has started
the old one being finished & done

yet i would miss it
and yet i wud cry
for this was a beautiful journey
but now i'v to say g'bye

i'll havta wish you farewell now
i'll have to take your leave
and wander towards the unknown
so impossible to believe

but before i open this chapter
and before i start this journey
there is a thing i wish to tell you
i wish you'll listen to carefully

thank you for letting me come
& celebrating those moments special
i wont forget those times
like a color for each petal

i came here as a bud
and you helped me bloom
made me tougher as a person
made me smile in my gloom

and with each step that i did take
you encouraged me to go on
to fight each moment to the end
to love each n every thorn

so thank u & farewell to thee
and to the time that is gone
of a new day of a new time
of a welcum to a new dawn

and god knows where life takes me
and where of would i reach
i simply want to take this moment
for thanking you 4 ur love
&4 all those things that you did teach


Sumit said...

Beautiful as always..... and going by your recent activities.. i think it's an apt one too!!

neel said...

hhmmmn....prettty neat job :)

Tshhar Mangal said...

Well once upon a time
me also had attempted a thank you poem called shukriya,,,i kno yu remebr tht well aashi...but wat yu wrote...awesome...yur starting poems tht yu wrote...unfulfilled
choices etc,,,this one is of tht level...thnx for another poem for my personal collection...keep up this gr8 work...especially yur sense of rhyming is always going to be yur plus point,,,improve it further if yu about emotions...full marks...i lovvveeeddd them...take care frnd
...make me more proud...LOL
afterall my ego shuld also infalte na...
Last but not least...
"i thank you"
for "i thank you"

shaks said...

good going...
atleast a much better work than the one I previiously commented on and in positive direction....
The earlier work was a bit pissimistic.....
Now its like someone who looks at the brighter side although a bit confused.....

keep going......

shaks said...

and i tried to find u out on orkut but it didnt work....

if u want catch me at

moonstruck crackerjack said...

well i've always had a hard time wid gudbyes....
dis is a gud one.........

Hoppy said...

can i please borrow dis??

its so amazingly awsm!!!

PS - its so gud to visit here nd read smthin frm ur pen again :D


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