Monday, March 19, 2007

An incomplete poem!!!!

Hmm. Yeh I knw I have this very bad habit of explaining out things but I cnt seem 2 help that lol…newyz this poem is as the title says..essentially incomplete…youd see it wen u read it….i started it with a single stanza…but sumhow I cudnt expand it properly….newyz…here it goes…the bold stanza is the one which got me started……

Shes adorable
This lovely child
A little young devil
All emotions unfiled

And so she laughs
And so she smiles
Both friendly and naughty
And as crafty as a child

And yet look closer
Look into those eyes
Do you see that twinkle?
It’s there, it lies

Oh she knows she is loved
And yes she has friends
But there are times
When these frolics end

And she sits there
So alone, so unheard
And a silent pearl slips
Then a smile, not a word

For lingers that pasted smile
But that pain in her heart
Too lingers, it stays
It denies ever to part

Oh yes none know
How could they?
For that twinkle is easy
Along with that smile so gay

For then she laughs and she says
Lifes beautiful and lifes kind
And such gentle thoughts
Keep floating through her mind................

Change of plans now....i spoke to a friend of mine he was damn confused after reading this poem...asked me what it i first told him 2 send me his own interpretations.....which he did......and it was diffrent from my own.......thats wen i realised that id rather leave this poem as it is........reason...well its open me the incompleteness was that the poem hadnt got any base or any reason given for the depression of the girl...........but i realised that was the key to it.....the fact that i am giving the readers a chance to interpret it on thier own....thus the poem gets many dimentions to it


Sumit said...

I would ssay, this one ahs teh potential of living up to your earlier works, but definitely a lot of work is still required... As you said, its incomplete. Complete it, and then i shall give you my complete view on this. Till, apart from teh one in bold, it's the last stanza which draws some attention!!
Now, finish this one, wiil you??

Crystal said...

Why do I relate to this one aashi???

Hoppy said...

well it does identify wid me a bit bt d last para

aint dat gal a lil too hopefull aachi........


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