Tuesday, May 22, 2007

An Unforsaken Passion

She watched with eyes ablaze
Her eyes, sharp intense deceitful
Crafty twist of a smile
And a purr, a gaze

Patient suave smooth
Writhing desire bubbling with a want
Her prey was ready
Her body was taut….

And then with grace she bent and leapt
And clawed her way to stir the sire
To ruffle him, damn his calm
To purge his soundness with desire

To ignite those senses
Oh how she fought,
A bite and scratch
And a vixen of thought

He then sank his fangs
In that soft flesh
A spurt of blood
And a growl of victory
The tigress had won.


...Mystified... said...


prakruhti said...

really kool di

Sam said...

cool........ who's teh he??

btw, one to look at it, gives a beautiful but naugty angle, you knw!! ;)

Tshhar Mangal said...

i liked it
good one...shows whr ur mind wandering these days...hehe
keep it up
a nice chnge from the routine pieces i read

Aashi Joshi said...

lolzzzzzzzzzzz...knew this was cumin.. :P lol at first i thot id not post it but really wat the heck i mean its just a poem :P

newyz i never intended it 2 b naughty :P seriously..

but thnx 4 liking it nonetheless

Hoppy said...

at d frst luk sm1 wud think u r a naturalist aachi
or sm1 who is deep into studyin animals

bt den d second luk wud reveal d naughtier part of it
(d title adds to dis impression:P)
newaz its jst awsm


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