Thursday, April 26, 2007

drowsy angry thots in verse form!!!

and a time
and a heart
and a story
from the start

and a friend
and a joy
and a bond
with the toy

and a journey
and laughter
a thot of forever
that spelt disaster

and an eagerness
and to care
love so diffrent
secrets to share

and a comfort
and a delight
each moment so special
each closer to plight

and then its boredom
and then its dull
and then a quiet
times answers are null

for now what
and now where
and an emptiness
and evenings to spare

and then a guilt
and then a want
and hurt of pride
a tease and a taunt

and an emotional fool
and a human err
and fools of emotions

from dust we came
to dust we go
tis between is nothing
but the final show

for all is written
and worked before
by god and the angels
and the sun by the shore

and there are birds
and there are trees
and mammal and fishes
and bumble bees

and there is one
a species i cudnt understand
the working mind
that of a man

they call us emotional fools
but i wonder
arnt they just exactly that
them those fools of emotions

ignorant, uncaring

and yet....


Ray said...

btr n btr till it reaches few tells a lot..!!!

if really do extraordinary things with words..!!!

Ray said...

it startd simply..n gt intense..!!!

Aashi Joshi said...

hi pplz!!!!... well i dunno

thi isnt a poem..its just sumthing i scribbled wen i was sleepy and well a lotta other things.. :P

frustration drowsiness anger....erm..not 2 mention a stupid television set with kektas music in the bakdrop.........

so well these ingridiants got me 2 write these verses...

also i wrote it aftr i fot with a bro of myn....and well realised tht guys r so....umm...wierd..:P lol.....cnt undrstnd them...anywayz.................i wont b compltin this eva...dnt think id get sooo mad again :P

....but i kinda lykd it so posted it...

thnx 4 readin it buddys..pls commnt.....

Aashi Joshi said...

thnkies ray..:)

Ray said...

n Aashi it is gud...n it makes sense....plzz change the title..!!!it sounds serious..!!!a bit mushy..(ur word) quite good...desrves 2 be in ur blog..!!!

namesake said...

drowsy?? maybe.......
angry?? might be....
but definitely makes a whole lotta sense!! wonder how wid few words you convey so much!!

Aashi Joshi said...

thanx namesake..;)lol..

btw y didnt u post thru ur blog name....

but one things 4 sure this aint a poem just a combined matter of verses,..... :)

newyz glad 4ur comment as usual.. :)

shashwatganguli said...

marvellous!!! holy swab ur awesome in poetry! :o

Aashi Joshi said...

lolzzz....thnkies sassy boy...thts so typically ur lingo.. :P

hope 2c ya here more often. :D

KUNTAL said...

even though Poetry is a foreign language for me... I could make out a bit ur poetry... but whatever you are really good at it and written it excillently... :-D

moonstruck crackerjack said...

hey dis is a real gud piece...
if dese r ur angry thoughts den its clear dat ur uncapable of anger and rage 2 da level of madness(dis is meant 2 be a compliment,being a generally non-angry person is a gud thing)....

it does convey wat it was meant to..n like someone said above da intensity increases wid every line...

hey dis is enuf reviewing by me i'm gonna stop now..wat da hell do i know abt anything....

great work...

Aashi Joshi said...

lolzz...thnx kuntal...i workd thru your blog and yeh i realised tht fact :P but really thnx 4 the commnt :D..

and moony lyk hello wat didcha mean by not knwin nething??...:O lol.. n wel i am capable of tht sorta anger...but sumhow am not such profilic a writer to show the intensity of such rage ...

i'll try n work upon it thou :)

arti said...

it is really a nice one. one goes on to think beyond the words. it says a lot with so little words.

gud job.

Hoppy said...

alwaz heard of dose wrds which bein so lil cud say a lot

saw dem out hre

u r a magician who spells her wrds in place

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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