Saturday, June 09, 2007


And there I stand
So aloof so apart
An uncrowned queen
With an unchained heart

So what that I am single
And what that I am alone
For there isnt a need
Nor yet a want nor a look
Of loneliness so shone

There are times I do wonder
Am i right not to give in?
But then the anwers I get
They come from deep within

Oh yes I have falterd
And yes I have sighed
And yet...
Not a tear came
Nor did a cry

For no sadness did envelope
Nor did that bittersweet crave
For a touch of a loved one
And that companionship it gave

"Look how lonely she is"
A foolish young man said
And I smiled and sailed away
On a pathway that later
I know he too will tread.


sam said...

hey the poem as i had told u earlier is awesome.... somehow, i can't figure out teh use of "imperfect" as the title.....

sneha said...

really beautiful asshi didi:).... u really r very talented:)..keep writing such good ones:)

CATTIE said...

can u temme how u figure out d poems..dey r so well crafted

Aashi Joshi said...

@namesake..think abt it... :)ohk...lemme explain :P

1. well no one is perfect ryt? but then do we have to change just coz of tht..??
2. a human being is a social animal..and in this poem i am alone..not lonely..but alone...goes against nature doesnt it?
well...think on these two points...i hope it wud anwer ur query :D

@sneha...thnx sweetumz!!!! tht is sooo sweet of u and i hope 2 continue..hope to see u encouraging me just the same way.. :)

@eshu...i dont "figure" them out eshu...n frankly i really hope to steal ur talent of writing with such poems really lack tht.... care 2 teach me buddy :)

Cuckoo said...

Beautiful poem you've written. How much I could relate to it. :)
Thanks. Keep writing.

BTW, have you seen my poems ? Just started writing 3 months back.. somethings happen so sudden. :)

Aashi Joshi said...

hey cuckoo gr8 2 cya here :) glad u lykd the poem and yeh i guess sum myt b able 2 relate to it

and of course id love 2 chck out ur poems.. :)

AakASH!!! said...

Okay, while there are many namesakes for people in this world. But a name like aashi, i guess its worth a try.

Did you write earlier on a blog Kartography as well? Do let me know.

AakASH!!! said...

And heyy, i forgot about this poem, in the course of teh question.

Lonelyness is like a new boy/girl in the class. One who we all someday befriend. What say?

Aashi Joshi said...

hey aakash :)

nopes me never had tht blog gng...mustv been my namesake ;) lol....nice 2 knw abt another aashi joshi......

hmm n hey thnx 4 the comment buddy....only thts the one thing i wanned 2 show...tht loneliness is very diffrnt than being alone...

here the girl is alone....and not lonely....its only not so easy for the world 2 understnd tht..she is actually njoying her status of being alone with herself...and each person in the end wud follow.......

POOJA... said...

awesome... again...

Gurdit said...

Solitude is a blessing, loneliness is debatable (my opinion, of course). :)

Aashi said...

@pooja ...thnk u....again.... :) hope i can make u keep coming back :)

@gurdit....i agree on that with u but problem is...not many can distinguish..

Vishal Raj said...

Hey Aashi, lovely work. You said it very true that being alone doesn't always mean being lonely. Great work!!

Aashi said...

thank u vishal :)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.


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