Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Like a girl again...

And then I felt like a girl again
And then I felt so very innocent
As the raindrops sprayed across my body
Silently engulfing me into ecstasy.
As the wind blew across my face
Wrapping itself amidst my soft curls
I stare at the sun so hazy
And my heart stops short
A blush creeps in ever so slowly
Gently caressing my cheeks so soft
My clothes cling onto each curve so lovingly
As if leaving a gentle kiss from heaven above
And then I wondered
And then I wished
If only I could hold the wind to my bosom
And never let it go
If only I could ask the sun to stop winking
As if it could read my mind
If only I could hide behind those dark dark clouds
And never come out
But alas I know tis but all in this foolish little head of mine
And yet nothing could’ve felt more right
And yet nothing could’ve felt more true
Than this bittersweet way I felt
Just like a girl once again
As fresh and as young as the morning dew…


Tushar said...

God bles you

namesake said...

beautiful.... makes me pray for soem rain right now... god knows i need a lot of it now.. for i want to walk in the rain!!

Hoppy said...

its sooooooooooo beautiful aachi
i can truly recognise wid dis one completly.........
more dan i hav evr been able to wid nethin else

i dunno y bt it feels lyk its bout me!!

i knw dat sounds weird bt dats wat it is lyk...

absolutly spiffing!!!!


Aditya said...

Awesome aashi waashi ~~~

i am searchin for words to describe this one!! no use...u always write gr88 !! hi 5 aashi waashi!

Aashi said...

@tush...thnx.. :D...btw y did u delt ur first commnt?? :O??

@namesake.....hmmm thnkies...yeh doesnt it always..i mean there is alwys this want for it 2 rain...... :)

@hoppy ....thnx shubhs... i guess its sumthing each girl does feel..i dunno.....but i guess as humans all of us go thru similar emotions

@adi...hey adi wadi...thnkies..:)

Fun Guy said...

Neat poem!
Pretty words ;) u must hve heard a lot of these already i guess.. one more wudn hurt i guess.. :D

btw i am kevin.. u "mite" knw me by some chance..

Aashi said...

lol..... yeh kev i knw u

sry i got confused with the various names u all lykta keep... :P

still spare this old gal sum sympathy on her memory ;)

thnx 4 the commnt dear how evr times i hear those words...i lyk em cumin bak 2 me :)

it feels nice doesnt it :)

Tejeshwar said...

Hey, puurrfect!!! Mills & Boons meet AASHI!!! IT IS FASCINATING, YET SO TRUE....


Shiya said...

OMG....hey tejeshwar... :)...didnt think id see ne new commnts on my blog..:O..

thnx 4 tht...n of course i membr u

n well as for mills n boons...well i wonder how much commision wud i get 4 my poems... ;)

oh n lukd @ ur posts... :O

divya said...

awww...that was the best...feel like soaking in rain again...too good sweetie

Shiya said...

hey dj.. :) thanks a lot lolzz...well its gr8 2 se ur commnts on this one

wanderer said...

I loved this poem--this is so said things that I keep saying to myself!!!!

umashankar said...

Refreshing. Sounds like a continuity reboot!

Aashi said...

@wanderer....geez thnx :)...i wrote this poem while in a car...i so wanted 2 jump out n feel the rain like since i cudnt do that i wrote it down...m so glad u cud relate... :)

@umashankar..cheers 2 that :D

Seema said...

Refreshing...all the best for the contest.


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