Sunday, December 09, 2007

Of Depression

Unhealed sadness
Doth flows in each vein
Untold sorrow,
Unknown pain.

Where of it came from
I know not
How long tis would stay?
Whence the end would be brought?

There are no tears
There is no sigh
Yet tis ache persists
And a want to cry

And a shadow doth lingers
Not far apart
And unspoken questions
Doth pierce my heart

Oh thoust walls
I beseech thee
For let me fly
A soul so free

A silent goodbye
Needn’t be strung
For I would depart
Unnoticed unheard unsung

I know I have posted this poem way before. But since then it was not noticed i am reposting it. Also Ikinda feel wierd of not doing anything in my blog. I hope you enjoy this poem too.


Sam said...

hmmm... I wonder wot made u write this!! the thoughts that come thru are quite sad.. and frankly, leaves one wondering at the kind of pain and hurt taht teh protagonist wud have gone thru.. but then...

Tshhar Mangal said...

u dont need to advertise a masterpeice

i dont see any use of posting it again

Hoppy said...

i had already read it

Rohan said...

Truely truely well written..!!a master piece indeed
Way to go ..:)

Shiya said...

hey thnx rohan... :) glad u lykd it... hope 2 get bak 2 writing...its been a bit too long now.. :|


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