Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sympathy Love

I don’t want your sympathy love
I thought you loved me for me
But in that case why those demands
When I ask you what is it that you love in me
You say you don’t know
You said that something clicked
Wow nice to know I am an electric gadget that works
Or was I a challenge
A puzzle you felt you wanted to solve
If you saw so many faults in me
Why did u cum in the first place
I would’ve been happy to stay friends
Y do u get this close then hurt me in turn
I know my weakness
You don’t have to throw it at my face
Where is that time when talking to you
Left a glow in my face….
Where is that moment when life seemed perfect?
I never wanted anyone this close
Yet again to hurt me
I thought you won’t
Thanks for proving me wrong
Thanks again for your sympathy love


names_gambit said...

Not sympathy, more like making fun outta you, in front of everyone, again and again....

Hoppy said...

frst of all i hope this has ntg to do wid d real lyf.........
plz plz plz let it nt b relatd!!!

nd now bout d poem
wow aachi
i mean u truly have captured d thots which actually run round inside d mind of smone who has been put into dis situatn.......nd trust me dre wud b more ppl who cud recognise wid dis dan u ever imagined
ryt nw i actually feel lyk goin nd kickin dat guy real hard!
(i m assuming its a guy cos i m a girl nd i think grls usually r nt dis cruel :D nd r sensitive enuf nt to do dis to neone :D :P)

gr8 job
nice to c smthin aftr so long


Anand Silodia said...

Caustic! The 'electric gadget' brings a smile to the lips. I don't know why girls always ask "What do you like about me?" and why do a lot of guys say "I don't know. We just clicked."

I think that clicking is just a mixture of fun, mystery and sincerity. And things get shaky when one of these factors is gone.

Nice poem. The topic has been done to death before, but the sarcasm makes it worth it.


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