Monday, February 02, 2009

Coming home....

and i am on my way back
back to the place i call home
for i had wandered far far away
from my cozy hearth
that which i love
that where i was destined by birth

for though my aching heart
reached out for a loving hand
for so long i did find
not a place nor a shelter
where i felt needed as i am

i was loosing this battle
a battle called life
i felt defeated, alone
life had mocked at me too oft
for those close never did understand
the others in comfert, aloft

but it was i who errd
for i ran from where i had alwys been
thus a foolish wanderer
who forgot to look within
for the light that guides had never left
and thus my true journey begins

the pathway alas still stretches far wide
yet not the horizon that it always seemed
for i can feel its warmth
and understand its song
A place for me to be
A place where i belong


Tushar Mangl said...

Awe - inspiring

Aashi said...

@ tush... :D..thanks ...u alwys seem to be thr 2 boost my moral... :)

names_gambit said...

Its a game we have to play, no matter what the outcome is, we cant stop, we cant quit, keep a straight face and trade on....for the reward must be awaiting for you, may be in the next corner....or may be the 1 after.....

keep faith in yourself

Hoppy said...

hey comon dont b so hard on urself

drez alwaz tym to undo d things u did rong nd do dem ryt again


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