Friday, April 09, 2010

Just a bigger box

A new beginning

A new time

New people

A new start

And yet again

A brush of the ‘has been’

Tints the present

And yet again

It seems

Back again to those times

Times I ran away from

A new beginning?


Just an extension of time


Prateek Shah said...

Seems like u r beginning afresh Aashi! Neatly written :) Best to capture all that happens in blogs :) I've learnt it all just from you :)

Vikram said...

gr8one Aashi..:)
these things are so small to recognise but they are seen sometimes only through your poems...:)
Well as i said again and again tht ur blogs inspire me wen i m down...:) and as a matter of fact my Internet is cut off in office so here i m after many days gettin to see ur blog...:)

Aashi said...

wow nice 2 see comments on this one... :)...thnx prateek n vix...wasnt expecting nethng...was just well scribbling but like u said prateek its best 2 capture all tht happns in ones blog :D

and vix u alwys put me up so high tht its scary...n yet thnx tht meant a lot :)

Tushar said...

You know, you are right. Often I use or hear terms like, a new turn of life or another step of life. But is it really a fresh start?
You penned it down beautifully.


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