Monday, July 26, 2010

The ‘JEE’-Club

And this is Aashi,
Have you met her?
She’s been with us a while.
And though she isn’t quite eligible
We’ve figured she’d fit in alright.

With all the world of letters surrounding,
And all the wit galore,
We’ve been around her for sometime now
She joins us with amore.

Of course there have been others
Those groups so fine and young
But we know she’d stay around for a while now
If not a-longer more.

Of books, with books, for books
For that’s our motto so strong
We jabber we curse just like you
And yet you’d never be quite so sure.

For had there been any more of us
It would not have been so fair
On subjects such as mathematics
Or chemistry or environmental care

So who are we you wonder
And we won’t quite so blame you
For had you known that for certain
You’d have been joining us too.


P@ul@mi said...

and to say that you thought i would understand it..even if I do and even if I don't..i can say one thing aashi joshi..that i know you well enough..and you don't need to fit can be just you.. :)

Anonymous said...

have experienced a bit of it... and it's certainly very well expressed!!!


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