Sunday, July 25, 2010

smoldering thunder: a fire a rage

you were to be the young one,
you were to be for care
you were to be nutured and loved
you were to be forgiven, to be spared

and then you grew
and grew some more
and yet so young you were
that strength of mind
so weak you were
so strong elsewhere i know

you grew to be
am not too sure
but yet i did not fear
for wise i was
or so i thought
you needed the helping hand

you grew again
scared enough, and poison it became
the poison grew from where i no not
but it kept going through
we fought things for better
we forgot so much for you

and yet again you grew

but the crack of bone
and the crack of more
with each
a growing fear
and so that hate that swells so fast
and an anger so strong, so helpless

there i stand so old now
for the thunder smolders within

a tear falls...

that and...

no more.


P@ul@mi said...

an awesome poem aashi..truly remarkable

rick said...

hmmm....this certainly brought out the feelings...its awesome
i mean the poem not the reason ;)

Tushar Mangl said...


ramlakmi said...

You are an awesome poet.. Good one..


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