Friday, April 01, 2011

The final fall..

Look, look
How he sees upon her face
He lost. woe
His last born, his Cordelia
Surrounded with strewn bodies
Across the foul, the dainty
For she lived off her life of love, so full
Yet so half
All befallen
All anew
For hath the good but survived
Not knowing what it was to loose
No drop of tear shall have fallen
Tween the world of the Cristian, the Jew
And he the father slain
So love, so lost
For she who was loved, lost to all
For she who had none, hath yet all
With mad men and blind men and treason
Hath each befall
The foulest doth be forgotten
Farewell adieu, sweet girl
Don't fret
For soon
I follow...


Anand said...

hmmm... i felt jarred at reading cristian for some reason and the "lost" and "love-ed" seemed to have been forced in many a place and had a repetitive sound to it.

I cannot say this is your best but it solved the purpose i had. So Thanksss.. now am gonna write one tonight.......

Aashi said...

rofl...interesting to see you i did use interestin and not nice :P..

as for your comment..i completely agree..had written this right after watching lear..was all teary eyed..but cudnt string words..n thus this is the result :P..nothnig gr8..i knew i wont get commnts on this one..but still m glad it helped mai :P

cheers!! :D

Celestial Dreamz said...

very interesting ! will come back to browse through your blog in leisure. all the best.

sparrowsong said...

I like the old-fashioned diction on this one.

Aashi said...

@celestial dreamz..sure...would love that...i hope u njoy them :)

@sparrow song ..thanks..there is another then that you may like..

Rekha said...

I felt the his pain and sadness in these words and that sums it up...

argentpoet said...

I like the over-all feel of the poem. It emanated the feeling of loss. Great work.

Hoppy said...

hey, great to read something from you after such a long time. I can;t really say i understood anything, but somehow it did make me feel like i had just lost something and i miss it terribly :|

Mia said...

Wow this blew me away!



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