Saturday, April 23, 2011

Without a wish...

And ever so softly everything shuts down
The ringing ceases, the smiles, the frown
For what is left is but a gap unknown
From where it came
And from where it’s shown
For amongst the hopes, and amongst the wishes
I think I won’t draw them up again
For each day it crushes
Aloft, so softly it hushes
For we can’t say so
And they?
No, they would never know.

I also would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new blogger..


Paulami said...

stunning. if not anything else.

Jingle Poetry said...

without a wish, we go dry.

lovely work.

Jingle Poetry said...


You have won The Perfect Poet Award Week 42, Due to your performance in the present or previous Poets Rally!

Please leave a link under the award post after you take it,

This award will Not be given to poets who reject it or previously rejected it.

Happy Writing, Thanks for the support!

Aashi said...

thank you so honoured to receive this..i apologise for such a late response but i had a lot of assignments this week..still do..nonetheless thanks once more...:)



Jingle said...

you did it perfectly.

Andy said...

Congrats on the award!

Aashi said...


moonlitpoetic said...

You have put so much into a seemingly simplistic verse...Thank you for sharing.

Lu Ann said...

Your post made me count my wishes ;)
Thanks for sharing, now I`ll treasure them more.

Lu Ann

lunawitch15 said...

delightfully perfect.


Hoppy said...

u hv no idea how well dese wrds describe one of d most undescribable feelings.....

painfully amazing!

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

How are you?
Please consider making a contribution to poets rally week 43 today,
A free verse is appreciated, you rock!
Happy Friday!
Hope to see you in!
Happy Mother’s Day to Moms in your family.

Bluebell Books said...

well deserved award.

keep it up.


How are you?

Check out our short story slam today,

We love creativity, your contribution is invaulable to us.

Happy Saturday.


Aashi said...

hey sry ppl...been outta the running awhile...will chck out the short story thing 2..hope m nt 2 late for it though...hey sweety long time no see...whr r u n what r u up2......

miss u gurl.. >:D<

hapi said...

Hi Aashi, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog


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