Sunday, April 08, 2012

Scribbled some thoughts.....have you?

Have you ever teared up on a song that should’ve made you dance?
Have you ever closed your eyes to really shut your thoughts and not to sway your hips?
Have you ever wanted to smile and cry under a shower that made you hum a tune you thought you had forgotten?
Have you ever hugged yourself so tight and parted your lips in hope that an arm would slither behind you?
Have you made a face at romcoms and yet sneaked through them knowing exactly how the actors felt?
Have you kept the hope to love again…or have you lost all hope to try once more?
Have you still any hope that someone out there would make you feel you belonged again?
Have you decided to let things go, or hold on to them so tight you forget to breathe?
For life just sinks, ever so slowly, pulling you down…down…
The question is…can you save yourself?

1 comment:

Elizena said...

Very nice and yes, I've done most of what you've written here. Sometimes I read something that should be hysterically funny and end up crying, because something in it reminds me of the one I let escape. Then I laugh again when I realize, maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. My life a comedy of errors. LOL! Be blessed.


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