Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Last Flight

And I see a bright light
So far, far away
And my wings spread
Through the rubble, through the dirt
I push so hard
I fight with blood
Faster, faster
The lights there
And through the pain
And through the hurt
I carry my babies
My love, my family
To a land with abundant happiness
Where pain ceases to exist
Almost there.....Yes!

A bell rings not so far away
A knell, a calling
And here I lie through the rubble
And the dust
The blood and the muck
My broken wings
And not one chirrup
My babies, none

Alas the light

Adieu, Adieu...


divya said...

hmm nice 1..kaha se sochti hai yaar tu??

Unknown said...

rele liked it ... especially the way it took off ... and then suddenly the fall ...
was wondering how u came up with it .. pretty cool .. like the way u relate stuff .... :)

Vignesh Iyer said...

It ws a fast crash..
but liked the feel in it...!!

nice one...
c... i dont c a point in y u stopped dis days.. :P
hope to more such gud works.. ;)

Ray said...

Umh...finally reading ...ur Work...!!

n again....bloody read ....feel the depth in ur poems....!!!

u r Great writer..cos a great writers's work we dwell upon..evn after we have read it....not just for minutes n hours n thn days....n thn maybe wen we face a certain situation...!!!...

Keep It up ..Aashi..!!!U ROCK..!!

Prateek Shah said...

Good One Aashi! :)

Welcome Back! Keep writing more often now..

Razzmatazz said...

Cool.. but I think it has to be a bit more subjective

Aditya Kasavaraju said...

Aashi waashi back with a bang :D

Good one >:D<

Aashi said...

@DJ....hey thanx...pata just least i hope this would help me move further.. :)

@embryo...hey thnx...ur a gr8 poet urself lil guy...luv 2 hear this frm u too:)

@viggy...same frm u...and ye i knw it was fast...i hope things get bak 2 normal sun..but i just hpe it was a decent start..thnx mr poet :D usual wenevr u commnt u alwys lift my spirits up...thnx a million tyms over 4 this :)

@prateek..hey thnkies..i hope i will :)

@jojo...yup maam will see to it :D

@adi wadi thnx glad u found this one a bit better :) cheers..!!

Tushar Mangl said...

Glad to see Aashi Jo back in form
Way to go girl
Welcome back

Hoppy said...

well.....i wont say it wasnt gud
cos it is nd its engaging in its own strange way.......
bt i dun think i lykd it very much

made me feel kinda helpless :P

so keep rytin nd putting it up :)


Aashi said...

@tush...hey :) long tym.. and thnx 4 this sweety it meant a lot..

it wasnt gr8 ..but yeh lyk u said i hope its a start :D it is sorta a depressing poem aint it.. :P

sowie will try n make it more lively next tym ;)

LONE WOLF said...

gr8....very nice..very true to life :D

Raksha Bhat said...

Loved the unexpectedness:)

Nalini Hebbar said...

Well written with flow and flight!

Nandhini said...

A deep and thoughtful piece! Good wishes!

Anonymous said...

Its not childish in any way! Its good. Give that bird a little more time before falling dead, then it would be awesome. :)

Best wishes again.


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