Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Holding out to a star...

Please help comfort her
She' holding out for you
An unsaid plea on her lips
She trusts u soo much
And yet she has inner desires
Assure her, love her
She misses it so
Tell her those fears are baseless
She knows but needs to be told
She has soo much to say
And so much has been left unsaid
An inner sob she hopes you hear
Feel her need and help her out
It's been a long time
And again she needs to know....


Sam said...

very poignant.. if dat is teh word i want to use... makes oen really wonder at the girl's situation!!

Tshhar Mangal said...


Reminds me of ur poetry of yester years...the intenisty...the emotions

which makes u my fav english poet

Keep up the gr8 work

God bless ya!!!!!!!!!!

Hoppy said...

ppl do tend to frgt dat we r nt hre to b taken for granted :P

m gonna take out copies nd keep dem wimme
nd den pass on to dose who i feel r ignoring me

way to go aaaaaaaaaaccccccchhhhhhiiiiiiiiiii

oops xcuse me :P


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