Friday, April 25, 2008

Taking it to the next level....

letting go may be the answer
to that question i ask myself every moment

but thats it isnt it
we cant seem to let go
for a stupid word fear
keeps cuming back to haunt us

what happend to that fizz i wonder...
and yet...

for every love song i hear
and for all those moments
i surrender to sweet oblivion
you alwys seem to exist

real enuf to feel
true enuf to love

or were u alwys a true fren
but i simply let you u dig in too deep

these lines are very roughly written...just a thot......but i thto id write them here nonetheles.......lets see if i can work upon it............ :)


Hoppy said...

my opinion
DO NOT work upon dem

dey myt loose d originality nd d rawness

Aashi said...



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