Sunday, February 28, 2010

To an unknown friend..

I don’t know you

Not even a hi

And yet the soul feels empty

And a wish to sigh

You existed

You were so young

So lost so alone

Moments unstrung

Something wasn’t right

Something hurt so hard

Was that why the decision

This drifting apart

Was it so tough?

Your life, your love?

Was there no one?

Were there too many?

What’s the point now?

Can’t question

Life moves on

You could’ve given time a chance

But you chose

And left a void

To those who never knew you

To those who knew you so well

And I hear a cry

Somewhere across these walls



For what could touch



Amropali said...

prayers for the lost soul

Tushar said...


anwesha said...

well expressed

Vikram said...

i can see some old style of writing in this one and yes its hard to digest such a loss...

GvSparx said...

This is heart rending story!!
Amazing work..!1


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