Monday, October 30, 2006

The Unicorn

There she stands;
For all to behold
Her Majesty, an invisible crown
Her skin so white
Shown in the darkest night
Her eyes like a diamond foun.

The swish of the tail
The shake of her mane
And a horn by light aglow
For all in awe
Of innocence so raw
And magic in the silver flow

For nere were there
A more wondrous sight
A majestic silhouette by the moon
Then darkness fell,
So black a night,

A moment too soon
A moment too soon


Tushaar Mangal said...

Yu know what this girl wrote this piece at the age of 18...i suppose
Children like to describe objects in their poems and adults prefer emotional stuff ... Author has pulled out a very difficult job a unicorn n. mythical horse with a single straight horn. [Latin cornu horn].......this topic i think no author shuld experiment with but aashi not only does it but that too day i would surely like to know how the author wrote it...i am sure there is a story behind this...
keep up the good work dear...
use have raised yur standards
raise them higher

akshay said...

that was GOOOD!!! can't belive u could write that well... really really great

ronnie said...

thz poem goes to show the poets interest in the fantasies ... an the way she wrote abt unicorn an the way she rhymed the so difficult words is wat 1 mostly expect of the most accomplished poets ... so thz poem being written by a nerd in poem writrin is unbelievable ... to tell every1 the fact to write abt emotional stuff is pretty easy bt to write abt something which is outta world an then again being able to depict it in such a beautiful way is quite an achievement fr such a young writer ... so in plane words thz poem is a masterpiece an i personally believe tat thz poem is the best in the entire lot ... aashi keep up the gud work an keep writin such nice an beautiful poems ..

moonstruck crackerjack said...

i'm new to poetry...

this is really baffling....
the whole poem about the majesic unicorn and in the last 4-5 lines..

"Then darkness fell,
So black a night,

a moment too soon...
a moment too soon...."

i'm just thinking...what cud it be??


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