Monday, October 30, 2006


Walked hand in hand
Reciting A-B-C
Never left each other
That close were we

Then we grew up
Passed through different walks of life
Kept in touch
But neither could we talk
Nor meet much.

Then came that beautiful life
Where both he and me
Each had a date
Smiling at each other
Looking through the arms of another

Time just passed
And I realized something
Something that truly deeply
Hurt from within

He slowly started seeming to be
Much more than a friend to me
I really wanted him
But waited for him to speak
Soon, I thought
He never did feel the same
And I gave up

I had a mask on
Trying as much as
I could
Covering the sorrow in the bride’s eye
Looking for a face
A face familiar in the mist of strangers

There he was
Standing with the strangers
Laughing enjoying
It hurt
But I went on

Now I have wrinkles
Grandchildren playing around me
My life seeming so perfect
But the truth is known by none except…

I held his diary in my hand
And walked on
Reaching the cold land
Holding the diary
Kissed the grave
Let go my tears and said
“I know it’s too late
And I am old
But really
You should’ve told”


Tushaar Mangal said...

MY favourite piece.Such a simple and sweet poem...The words woven so beutifully...Aashi dear yu are superb...well done here...this looks a ballad to me...but the emotional value of this poem is worth noticing...also another noticing aspect of the poem is that it leaves a message with a say whats in yur heart use of waiting...if we wait it can be too late...A poem with such beutifull words and an enriching message deserves appreciation...I hope i will hear much better poems in this blog
God bless yu aashi

divya said...

hey asshi..this one is toooo gud..i loved this true n simple n sweet..keep riting more..bbyeee

moonstruck crackerjack said...

great one...
all of the things said above and one more thing...
girls please u can speak too....
yeah i know he shud have told...
but still if u have something just go ahead n say it...its an equal world ppl...(i know things were'nt the same wen the old lady was young,but they are now)...

and ya one policy to follow..although easier said than done but still here it is:-
"no regrets"..there are many things u shud have or shudn't hav done...but according to
Mr morpheus(marix-2)-"whatever happened has happened and wudn't have happened any other way"....

Sumit said...


Speak the words that are etched in your heart,
Lest the wind of time blow away your moment,
Speak the words that you believe in,
For the ears to receive may no longer be there!!

honey said...

hey aashi ...this one is my fave....u hav used the words soooo simple words n short sentences yet soo complete...its sooo difficult to build the emotions few words u hav done it....a master's feat...really....
the story soo complete...the emotions so clear...u r a genius in this one.....

rindojustrindo said...


Moral Of The Story:
If you've got a friend of the opposite sex, profess your love for him/her immediately.

If he/she doesn't share the same feelings for you, pretend you were kidding around.

But if he/she does have something for you...JACKPOT! :D

Boys and girls, go for it, and quick!

Aashi said...

@rindo....touche :D

Raksha Bhat said...

sublime and beautiful...loved this piece Aashi:)

Aashi said...

hey thnx gurl...tht was special cumin frm sum1 who herself is such a brilliant poet :)

neha said...

hey aashi....i really liked this 1!!!
d simplicity with which u xpressed d feelings...awesome
keep writing!!

bendedspoon said...

so moving. a very wonderful write :)

Hope said...

this is a very moving piece. makes one stop and reflect.

a very good write and I enjoyed it!

thank you for your visit and comment

Charlie Parant said...

a real thought revoking piece...nice

The Reason You Come said...

Oh, this is such a beautiful story! But how sad! He should have told!


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