Monday, November 06, 2006

I wish I were....

I wish I were....
The song in your heart
Your light in the dark
The pen in your hand
The dirt on your band
The sand n your feet
The bed where you sleep
The ball which you play
Both night and day
The tear in your eye
Your lips when you smile
The car which you drive
The book which you thrive
The dream that you see
A flower if you were the bee
The breeze that touches you
The love you feel for few
The watch that you wear
The paper you tear
The sunlight trapped in your hair
I simply dont care
Whatever I become
You should always be there


Anonymous said...

this is a truly good one. i wish i could write like you. u deserve to be everyone's sweetheart keep writing. byee.

Aashi Joshi said...

thnx anony....

Tushaar Mangal said...

another good job done by the author much i hate her for not showing me these poems before

ronnie said...

hey aashi ... this poem goes on to prove tat u really hve a gud talent an i think u shud nurture it ... i believe tat thz poem is a very gud 1 ... may be becoz i liked the way she rhymed aur may be the way she handled the words ... bt everything abt thz poem is very gud an i think tat thz is 1 of the best in ur collection

Karandeep said...

u are such a good writer,and u never ever mentioned this to me!!!
well just keep going and one day i'll proudly tell people that yes this aashi is my friend....KEEP IT UP!!!:-)

prophet666 said...

Great original poem

Arpana said...


Hoppy said...

makes me smile aachiii!!! :)


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