Tuesday, November 07, 2006

To a friend...

Lifes beautiful my dear
I hope u realise that
And life is tender sweet
And life is kind

Hurt not yourself so
And give life a chance
Let love come to you
And fear it not

For lord has bestowd on you
A gift so dear
And left it to you
To nuture and care for it

This is not meant to be
Simply a poem
Nor an advice
Nor a speech

Just a humble request
To some one kind
A person who deserves
A beautiful life

Judge god not
By the pains he sent
But by all the love you got
And all the care

Be not bitter
Be not sad
For life is a journey
And love is the path

Thats all I want to say my dear
I hope you know that I do care
For I wish you would give life another chance
And love yourself

Embrace god my friend
And allow others to enter
For there maybe someone waiting
Who would give and live just for you


shaks said...

Good thought...
But life is nt all that B E A U tiful...
And Getting Love is nt all that easy....
Sometimes u wait throughout ur life for someone who wud live for u and end up meeting ppl, who wud nt even let u live...
But anyways gud thought...

Aashi Joshi said...

hey shaks...thnx....thou i have scrappd u this but yet i think i shud rather post it here 2...i knw life isnt exactly +ve....but i personally believe tht if u live with a +ve thot...life bcumz easier....u do get hurt...no doubt....but the lesser importance u'd give it the less it'll hurt u.......i'v done tht...its tough but not impossible.....newy...gr8 comment thnx.......btw i guess sum of my poems do reflect tht i knw a bit of the -ve aspect of life also....

Tushaar Mangal said...

aashi...sorry to say but the message being sent out i dont agree with...we let others sumtimes to enter our life....many a times pain is all we get....
otherwise...the poem is beutiful
good job done

Anonymous said...

god one ..:)

Hoppy said...

hey i nvr thot smone cud put such a difficult situatn so damn easily dwn on d paper in such simple wrds

bt rilly dats a miracle u hav done aachi

thnx a lot for puttin it dwn hre


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