Monday, November 06, 2006

On Death...

He held my hand
as firm as can be
and i looked at him
looked straight into the eyes
those eyes which said so much
those eyes crazy with emotion
i could see the pain, the passion, the anger

he fought back the tears
his manhood could not permit
he looked at me with love

i was in pain
not becaus of the wounds on me
to see my love
so helpless and weak
knew that his powers
could not win
against the enemy
who would seperate
our physical touch forever

my whole life flashed past me
i was smiling
thankful to god
for letting me spend
my last moments with my beloved

my eyes were focused on him
and his on me
no words were said
but a lot was understood
i knew our soul was one
and i would be
forever with him

his face was dissappearing
like the light dying down
slowly into the night
slowly into the night...


Tushaar Mangal said...

is the only word ui have for this poem

Sumit said...


If death be the ultimate truth of life,
I say, love be its music,
Should I have to say good bye tonight,
Play the music again, dats all i'd beg of thee!!

Arpana said...

Is it love or just loving an idea of love. love is peace , love is fulfillment, love is not a mirage where you need to be dissapointed.Aashii this is not to hurt you and your feeling but instead enjoying your read i ask myself.


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