Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shakespeare in love!!!?~?~??

For prospero, he was in love

“Thou aret fairest,O Romeo”

And so ran away Juliet

With Jessica’s Lorenzo

“Juliet, youn Juliet

O what did thoust do

But no matter dear

For I forgive you”

Also was there a young boy

Not so far away, yet apart

Could’nt be more than one and twenty

Thus he spoke from his heart.

“Sweet Jessica forgive me

For false I made you believe

I am no son of Adam

I am the daughter of Eve”

“Don’t go fair Viola

As I did not err..

For in thine eyes I found

The passion of a sir”

And there stood patient Olivia

For those footsteps made her aglow

With anticipated breath she turned

And found puck under the mistletoe

“The quality of mercy….”

“Be silent foolish woman

For Jessica has run away now

Thus Antonio thou aret forgiven”

While Antonio and Shylock embraced

Portia sat quietly-well bred.

But much evil in her mind she bore

Wondering if shylock had hugged her instead

“Helena, sweet Helena

Would thoust be mine?”

Cried Hamlet insane

In front of her shrine.

“Thoust are lovely, Ophelia

Dear Lady do not cry.

Wont you come into my arm’s my love”

Said Benedick with a sigh.

“O thoust just Queen, Hermione

I wish Perdita to be mine”

“Tarry young Antipholus, meet AEgon

Perdita’s new father and thine”


Sumit said...

a very confusing blend of teh shakespearean characters!!
i'm lost, and looks like i need to visit the bard's compositions again!!

KUNTAL said...

I am quiet far from the literature aspect in life... but after reading this... I must say...

Lady !! you got a charm in your fingers... keep troubling the keyboard... and let few more comes out...

Aashi Joshi said...

thnx kuntal..:) i am glad u lykd it
thou it isnt exactly very clear :P
oh n btw howd u cum across my blog..???..newyz thnkies..:)

@sumit...thnkies old buddy...i hope u sun figure out the poem 2.. ;)

CATTIE said...

hey hey did u do dat?:O..damn..ots so intiguing...i loved it..

pooja said...

hey u r better than shakespeare...........loved it....

Aditya said...

This is Pure music..Which i can jus tune in but can never compose!!

U rock aashi waashi..thoh i will take a few more days to understand this one ..

Aashi Joshi said...

lol..thnkies cattie :) thnx a bunch :)

adi wadi lolzzzz...aww shuxtht was very charmin ;) :P really glad u lykd the poem

@pooja...wellies err......i really dunno how to react to tht commnt..only thnx :)

Hoppy said...


i mean dat was smthin i hav nvr cm across before

u wud hav givn him a rum for his money if shakey was alive

i can say dat cos i didn get a wrd of it nd still understood it all

seriusly aachi
dis one rox
jst lyk u


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