Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Lifes so good all seems alright
then why does this voice inside cry out
a fear, a dread
an unneeded hope that history would repeat itself

for if it isnt hope what could that be
a want to destroy all that goes well into dust
a brew bubbling beneath
the mind looking for a release

unchain it the voice screams
but that would destroy all
the peace the love

so why o why
should I hope to destroy
an answer no more
an answer no less

for life is flashing back
is it that I seem to have begun enjoying that
those bruises within which no one could see

A fire within
a decade or more


LONE WOLF said...

great words..brings out all the insecurities, fears of life...

Beyond Horizon said...

Dont let the flashes of past hold your present...release yourself from it...the bruises would heal
heartfelt :)

subtlescribbler said...

touching and tangible :) letting go the past is never so easy, venting out those hidden feelings does help.
well written!


Pratibha The Talent said...

Very touching poem.

Defiant Princess said...

amazingly expressive..

lovely blog too.
Follow you on Google Connect now :)

Defiant Princess

Aashi said...

@every1...thnk u

Blognostic said...

What is spoken is few, what is left is many. :)

Nice lines. :)

Rajedra Raikwar said...

very nice


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